Tuesday, August 19, 2008

workshop: brooke medicine eagle 9/08

September 12-14, 2008 in cleveland ohio...for more information, contact jackie stevenson

Song of the day: path of beauty- brooke medicine eagle

urge for going- joni mitchell

noticed how late the sun is rising this weekend, and this song has been in my head ever since...

Song of the day:urge for going- joni mitchell

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

old friends and horses

dreamt of this song last night, with these folks singing it...michelle and i had a friendship once upon a time, she'd open for the indigo girls and get me and missy wright backstage passes, take us "grocery shopping" in the dressing rooms after the girls left the arena (artpark
'96 was the bestest, and those chicks ate WELL!!)

anyhow, have horses on the mind, considering a cowgirl weekend, floating back and forth, and now a friend is also interested, but im not as drawn to the whole day as id like in order to spend that kind of money...but it was good to dream of this song, woke up light hearted and full of what is good in me...

not to change the subject at all, and its not really changing anything, considering the full picture, which most of you dont know, but ive been doing some "shadow work" recently, and discovering that its not the darkness i have trouble embracing, its actually something that ive heard is called thge "light shadow", and i do, i have discomfort admiring others, and realizing that what i admire, i have the potential to hold in me...and somehow, this morning, with this song, with this musical dream, everything seems all right, even struggling with this projective dynamic

Song of the day: wild horses- indigo girls w/michelle malone (but we all know its really a 'stones song)
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