Sunday, April 27, 2008


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Song of the day:

Friday, April 25, 2008

sniped away

from google:

Actor Snipes gets 3 years, apologizes for `costly mistakes'
Friday, April 25, 2008 6:36:01 AM

After haggling with revenue agents, criminal investigators and eventually U.S. prosecutors for almost a decade, Wesley Snipes....(snip)... was convicted of three counts of willfully failing to file returns, his trial was held by some as proof of victory for the tax protest movement. Snipes was acquitted of five other charges, including felony tax fraud and conspiracy, that would've exposed him to 13 more years in prison.

Criminal tax prosecutions are relatively rare -- usually the cases are handled in civil court, where the government has a lower burden of proof.

Snipes' attorneys argued the sentence was too stiff for a first-time offender convicted of three misdemeanors, and recommended he be given home detention and ordered to make public service announcements.

But U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges said Snipes exhibited a "history of contempt over a period of time" for U.S. tax laws.

"In my mind these are serious crimes, albeit misdemeanors," Hodges said.

The action star of the "Blade" trilogy, "White Men Can't Jump," "Jungle Fever" and other films hasn't filed a tax return since 1998, the government alleged. Snipes and the IRS still must determine how much he owes, plus interest and penalties. The government alleged Snipes made at least $13.8 million for the three years in question, owing at least $2.7 million in back taxes on them alone.

Snipes read aloud from a prepared apology, calling his actions "costly mistakes" but never mentioning the word "taxes." He said he was the victim of crooked advisers, a liability of wealth and celebrity that attract "wolves and jackals like flies are attracted to meat."

"I am an idealistic, naive, passionate, truth-seeking, spiritually motivated artist, unschooled in the science of law and finance," Snipes said.

please click the above link to read more, as snipes continues to blame others for his choices and his lawyers argue that he is being unfairly singled out because of his fame

i find this whole situaition very disappointing. i am watching our society fail, and people(or churches) that try and find ways to help ultra rich citizens get out of paying taxes are definitly going to be a part of the problem....and sorry, part of what comes with being famous is public scrutiny, and i am finally tired of this idea that you dont have resonsibility to your society as a highly visible, wealthy, well known american citizen

now, if while he was not paying his taxes, he put out good protest reasons, such as disagreeing with the iraq war (which didnt start until 2003 and snipes stopped paying his takes in 1998) that would be one thing, but...

oh, and as for any comments of snipes saying that he let people take advantage of him,douglas rosile, if you notice, no longer has a banking license, he lost it in 2006, and if nothing else, that should have set off the alarm bells.....

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

some people just cannot afford to be careless

from yahoo "A Grammy-nominated violinist has been reunited with a $4 million violin he left in the back of a cab...."

ive lost my car keyys, my house keys, clothes, books, friends....but never in 4 million years would i manage to lose a $4,000,000 anything....

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

earth day

yesterday was earth came and it went with little fanfare, i did not even manage to get to the park and focus my attention on the most important person in my life, the mother of all life

i guess life and news of super tuesday, who spent what and how and why, and having to spend $40 on a tank of gas.....i guess these were more important

Song of the day: sened me your voice- brooke medicine eagle

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a new approach to the plagues

and you can see my head during the hail, briefly on your right side all the way down by the kids...

Song of the day: dayenu

pre-planting with roseanna

so roseanna invited me to come plant with her and her neighbor deirdre

i thought we would be outside, and i could get dirty but it was only in the base ment.....

roseanna offered me a surar-free popsicle while she and deirdre ate egg-salad. the fudgcisles were left over from andy (hence sugar-free) and when i opened one, it was so gooey from frost burn that i left little chocolate trails all over the table. so roseanna said there were a whole bunch in the basement freezer, and there were, about 20 boxes, and they were frost bitten too...i guess thats what six months does.

(deirdre's dog, calabash)
it was wonderful and nostalgic and comforting and loving and sad
(do you think the peppers actually have a one on them?)

Song of the day: sargeant peppers lonely hearts club band- the beatles

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nick Drake - 'Cello Song

i know that i drempt last night, but i cant seem to reach out and grab onto it.... this song is keeping me right on the edge of awareness (closer to not further away.....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Blind Melon - No Rain (C) 1993 CAPITOL RECORDS

this feels like the sound track of today, i feel hopeful and happy to be awake...though there are no puddles, only sunshine this morning, and shannon hoon did die of an OD, all the same, this song will always be the joy of being 16, grateful dead cncerts, teaching stephanie lovinger how to drive stick shift on my jeep wrangler, the first time i smoked pot, beginning to look for who i was outside of what was expected.....

it will always be about the rebellion for me, and there is power and joy in rebellion, and in the long run, my rebellion has brought me to a wonderful place

Sunday, April 13, 2008

my mom's mswalk

oh my god, how embarrasing!! (smile, i also love it mom, bbut did you have to put a picture of me and that doll on there? )

बिल्डिंग a possibility course

it was a game of prepositions, leading
a horse over the hills, through the mountains
across the river, around the stillnness,
all these prepositions that were given,
suggested by another, but Creativity
DEMANDED the heroine of our story
Be differentiated, and a song-
simple and educational,
a grammer lesson in and of itself,
this case of a missing Part of Speech-
left over from a fifth grade musical
played itself loudly in her head, until
a list of extra pepositions was remembered
until the unmentioned, the ungiven
thought bloomed into action and
-lively and silly- under,
under the limbo stick with a horse in tow
she went and she was satisfied.

Song of the day:all the tired horses- bob dylan

Thursday, April 10, 2008

i have nothing to say

really, i dont have anything to say at all, but im posting just for you jeff

Monday, April 07, 2008


Song of the day: karma police- radiohead

Saturday, April 05, 2008


was at the beach with a friend and her kids as well as her child care worker and the workers kids, the sand was a light brown and a circle of yellowish stone condos were in a circle...

were sitting in the lunch room, it like like a cafeteria, rows and rows of metal tables with the uncomfortable benches attatched

i sit next to one of the child care workers kids, a girl about eight years old, she looked mixed, and her black knotty curly hair was pulled back into a pony tail and i know her name is phaedra (dreamers note: phaedra long sat next to me in 3rd grade science class...i threw up on her once in that class).

anyhow, i knew phaedra had been emotionally calming one of my friends kids- about what i dont know or remember, but i was impressed, i felt proud of this child, so i sat next to her and said "i want you to know that i am really proud of the way you are helping out. its very grown up of you, and she needed to hear from someone she looks up to that things are ok. "

phaedra gave me a little sneer before quickly turning back to her food. she said "its no big deal. god". but i knew it was important for her to hear, that she ould remember.

then i woke up

Song of the day: what love got to do with it- tie turner

Thursday, April 03, 2008


i was hit from the rear by an eighteen wheeler tanker this not ready to tell the story tonight, but i am putting up the pictures...i was taking my boss, jeff moyer to see his friend stan. jeff is blind, which is why i work for him

we are all ok..

Song of the day:

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Joni Mitchell-California (BBC)

my favoritest joni song...not that i love california, but i want to be taken as i am...

somehow, as i struggle with boundaries, i think of this song, dont know why, biut i do

and is it me, or is the dulcimer mildly out of tune?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

octopus sex

be damned, that i should be human,
a woman with a fourteen waist, love
handling my hips with abandon

if i were an octopus, all the burly
hairy, macho octopi would want me,
they'd protect my cave while break-
fast eggs boiled beneath me, the bigger
the better, they'd clamor for this feminine
stature., but here, in my short-
ness of limb its only matrons and patrons
contemporaries of my mother and grandfather
that turn their heads to look, gasp,
call me striking while my peers
suggest i drop a size (or six)
but atleasti know-
i'm perfect for octopus sex.

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