Sunday, April 13, 2008

my mom's mswalk

oh my god, how embarrasing!! (smile, i also love it mom, bbut did you have to put a picture of me and that doll on there? )


Anonymous said...

Sorry kid, the t-shirts were in production before I knew it might be inappropriate.

I'm glad you are okay with it, I thought you might be a little miffed. There is one for you with your sweatpants which will be send later today :-)

It was a successful walk and I think we reached our goal of $1000.

Anonymous said...

Classic.....Gotta love it!

molly said...

oh tonya, do i have a story for oyu

i was at the hospital and there was a woman on the unit, about 60, in a painted jean skirt and hippieish shirt, and she kept following me around the unit. i thought she was a new patient, then it turns out she was just visiting someone, and i thought she seemed interesting, but i had to keep the distance because her friend was my client

then i ran into her at wild oats and she followed me around the grocery store

then i ran into her at wild oats again, and this time she grabs me by the arm and drags me across the store, telling me i look like the dolls she makes and there are all these dolls hanging on the wall and sure enough, this woman turns out to be the maker of my doll, and if you remember, jackie told us her cousin made the doll.

this city is so small, and no matter how hard i try, i cant seem to get around having to hacve jackie be in my life.

HitThaFloor said...

First off - I LOVE the shirts. I wish we had something like that. Next year ... next year.

Second of all, that story is hysterical. It really is a small, small world.

molly said...

yeah, if you want to take responsibility for making the tshirts...tonya always says she will do it and never does and i am not interested in getting that part of it together...i take care of emailing over 100 people for donations and such

and i never told you that story?

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