Saturday, April 05, 2008


was at the beach with a friend and her kids as well as her child care worker and the workers kids, the sand was a light brown and a circle of yellowish stone condos were in a circle...

were sitting in the lunch room, it like like a cafeteria, rows and rows of metal tables with the uncomfortable benches attatched

i sit next to one of the child care workers kids, a girl about eight years old, she looked mixed, and her black knotty curly hair was pulled back into a pony tail and i know her name is phaedra (dreamers note: phaedra long sat next to me in 3rd grade science class...i threw up on her once in that class).

anyhow, i knew phaedra had been emotionally calming one of my friends kids- about what i dont know or remember, but i was impressed, i felt proud of this child, so i sat next to her and said "i want you to know that i am really proud of the way you are helping out. its very grown up of you, and she needed to hear from someone she looks up to that things are ok. "

phaedra gave me a little sneer before quickly turning back to her food. she said "its no big deal. god". but i knew it was important for her to hear, that she ould remember.

then i woke up

Song of the day: what love got to do with it- tie turner

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