Saturday, July 28, 2007

C.W. shabbat....and for robin, who noticed i havent been posting

this year is the 100th anniversary of camp wise, and to calebrate this milestone, the camp has been havoing alumni weekends, each shabbat getting a decade and this week was the 1980's weekend (i was a cw kid 1986-1993)....i forgot to take my camera, and was going to wait until others sent me their photos to post about it,but dear robin has been saying things to me about my absence (in person and here on my blog) so i took this picture in the jcc parking lot of the name tags we made and will post again when i have more was good to be back, at this home away from home, and while some things were different, the core experience was the same, and us old fogies had even more ruach then the current counselors....and as far as that is concerned, i truly cant believe my mother was willing to send me away every summer to be watched by a bunch of children, as really, the staff seemed as young as the older campers (but mom, i am so greatful that you did let me go, it allowed me to have that strong, needed experience....)

Song of the day: bim bam-traditional

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

my favorite, lake chad (forgive the sarcasm)

Water find 'may end Darfur war'

Getting enough water is a major struggle in Darfur
A huge underground lake has been found in Sudan's Darfur region, scientists say, which they believe could help end the conflict in the arid region.
Some 1,000 wells will be drilled in the region....Analysts say competition for resources between Darfur's Arab nomads and black African farmers is behind the conflict.

"Much of the unrest in Darfur and the misery is due to water shortages," said geologist Farouk El-Baz, director of the Boston University Center for Remote Sensing, according to the AP news agency.

"Access to fresh water is essential for refugee survival, will help the peace process, and provides the necessary resources for the much needed economic development in Darfur," he said.

The team used radar data to find the ancient lake, which was 30,750 km2 - the size of Lake Erie in North America - the 10th largest lake in the world...The discovery is "very significant" Hafiz Muhamad (said)..."The root cause of the conflict is resources - drought and desertification in North Darfur."...He also said that it has long been known there was water in the area but the government had not paid for it to be exploited....

...ive said for over a year that darfur had something to do with lake chad. truly, outside of america and the western world, survival is the biggest motivator, and water is a key factor for survival, in irrigating crops, in keeping clean, in keeping livestock around....

hess posed that sending in digging equipment ten years ago would have averted the ntire conflict and saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and i mentioned to him that i searched for anyone else who thought water was involved in the crisis and found nothing, so im glad it is finally on the table as an option, it gives more to focus the interventions on

some sudanese history
back to lake chad
lake chad again

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Sesame Street - J for Jew - part 2

i have no idea what to think about this...i got it from hess, and he says that someone took old nazi propaganda and matched it up with discolored muppets....he says its not antisemetic, but im not entirely sure about that...there are two more parts that i may post as well

let me know what you think!

7/17/07 check out the next part at havecoffeewillwrite...the more jew hate i hear, the more i feel fear in my gut.l...hess's point is that things like this still happen, like rwanda and darfur, and that byu using "muppets" it shows how ridiculous genocide is and will start conversation

but hearing what my grandparents had to hear when they lived in europe, and what they had to live with day in and out- the fear, the self loathing, the sadness...

song of the day: dona dona (or "Dos Kelbl", the original yiddish title)-author unknown

Saturday, July 14, 2007

a wellbutrin story

my neurologist started me on weelbutrin while i was sick...the ms episode had re-escalated, and she felt an anti-depressant would help.

i talked with my favorite psychiatric nurse at work this week, as i dont really feel better on this medication, ive actually become more high strung, and am moving faster then normal even, and elaine, the nurse, says to me "i dont know what your neurologist was thinking, wellbutrin raises the energy level, and you are already a high-energy person molly"

elaine gave me the name of a psychiatrist, and told me to discontinue the wellbutrin and see this doc. at her first available appointment instead...

i already feel a little better, by cutting the dosing in half (though hess says im less tearful, maybe ill just keep things at half dose until i can see the psychiatrist)...

Song of the day: allergies- simon and garfunkel

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the prophet jeremiah

The Prophet Jeremiah i dont know why the prophet jeremiah has recently come into my field, beyond a co-worker who is currently taking a theology class and talking of the bible alot....i understand more and more why people are drawn to the stories of religion, as jeremiah, in his extrodanry experience, rings so familiar to me, much as the story of jesus, job, ruth does...its about living and being human

Main article: Jeremiah
The Prophet Jeremiah that the book describes was a priest from Anatot in the land of Benjamin, who lived in the last years of the Kingdom of Judah just prior to, during, and immediately after the siege of Jerusalem, culminating in the destruction of Solomon's Temple and the razing of the city by Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

The book of Jeremiah depicts a remarkably introspective prophet, a prophet struggling with and often overwhelmed by the role into which he has been thrust. Jeremiah alternates efforts to warn the people with pleas for mercy until he is ordered to "pray no more for this people" -- and then sneaks in a few extra pleas between the lines. He engages in extensive performance art, walking about in the streets with a yoke about his neck and engaging in other efforts to attract attention. He is taunted, put in jail, at one point thrown in a pit to die. He is often bitter about his experience, and expresses the anger and frustration he feels. He is not depicted as a man of iron. And yet he continues.

Song of the day: by the waters of babylon- dwight armstrong

"by the waters of babylon, we laid down and wept for the zion"

Monday, July 09, 2007

when nature breaks the laws

haha, amusing for the morning
Robber disguised as tree hits N.H. bank Sun Jul 8, 2:54 PM ET

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Leaf it to New Hampshire, where a bank branch was held up by a man disguised as a tree.
Just as the Citizen Bank branch opened Saturday morning, a man walked in with leafy boughs duct-taped to his head and torso, and robbed the place.

"He really went out on a limb," police Sgt. Ernie Goodno said Sunday.

Police said the leafy man didn't saying anything about having a weapon, just demanded cash, and was given an undisclosed amount.
Although the branches and leaves obscured much of the man's face, someone who saw images from the bank's security camera recognized the robber and called police.
Officers said James Coldwell, 49, was arrested early Sunday at his Manchester home and charged with robbery. Arraignment was not expected until Monday.

Song of the day:take the money and run- steve miller band

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tales from Gestalt - Episode 12: Is the CEO a Klingon?

ok, so it really has nothing to do wqith my gestalt, but since there is the organizational side to the gestralt institute, i believe that this is a consulting firm that uses gestsalt techniuqe *and sense of humor) to address energy needs

medicare, what to do

so ive been covering for one of the social workers at the hospital, and will continue to do so for two more weeks. the hardest part of this, for me, is that everytime i come into cover, the rules that govern the hospital have changed. this time it is a new medicare policy that adds extra paperwork for me when i dont have enough time to get everything done as it is (the unit is already understaffed, and the doctors get angry at me for not getting the patients out faster, but i will not comprimise the level of care i give to meet beaurocratic demands)...

the new policy allows patients to appeal their discharge from the hospital, which in theory i agree with, as sometimes i think people are d/c'ed before they are ready, but on the other hand, neither the patient nor medicare are responsible for paying for the days while the appeal process takes place, and the hospital must eat the cost (and people are amazed at the situation in california regaurding patient dumping, but its rather logical- unethical, but logical)

anyhow, i cut out the meat of this new policy and have pasted it here

Revised Notification of Discharge Appeal Rights

...CMS published a final rule changing the requirements for notifying inpatients about their hospital discharge rights.... The most noteworthy change in the final rule is the substitution of a revised “Important Message from Medicare” (“IM”) beneficiary notice of non-coverage in place of the additional generic notice that CMS had proposed. The final rule also expands prior law requiring hospitals to provide a notice of non-coverage only when the beneficiary disagreed with the discharge decision.

oh and i divided it up into sections to make it feel a little more managable :)
Standardized Notice of Discharge
The notice must contain the following information:

the beneficiary’s rights as a hospital inpatient, including the right to benefits for inpatient services and for post-hospital services;
the beneficiary’s right to request an expedited determination of the discharge decision, and an explanation of that process and alternative appeals procedures;
a description of the circumstances under which a beneficiary will or will not be liable for charges for a continued stay in the hospital...Under the final rule, a beneficiary may submit a request for expedited review of a discharge decision to the applicable Quality Improvement Organization (QIO) in writing or by telephone no later than the day of discharge....Under the final rule, the failure to make this request in a timely fashion may result in beneficiary liability for the services. When the QIO notifies the hospital that the beneficiary has requested expedited review, the hospital must provide a more detailed read of the policy, her eis a pdf containing the following information: pdf for details

and finally
Notably, the new rule has no effect on the existing policy regarding the financial liability for a patient’s extended stay during a review. CMS still considers such costs to be hospital operating costs covered by the overall diagnosis-related group payments.

Song of the day: theyre coming to take me away- napolean xiv

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Buttermilk Biscuits: old school mix-a-lot

sir mix-a-lot, posse on broadway days song

Sesame Street - Cripple Creek

another buffy moment...its one of my favorites (all though this version is a little fast)


Check out this video: Spiders on Drugs...

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one of my favorite videos when i need a good laugh...couldnt resist sharing (ps mom, youd hate this)

Song of the day:kiss off- violent femmes

Friday, July 06, 2007

a daily affirmation

a friend of mine passed this on to me, and thought others may find it worth taking in....enjoy

From: Tian Dayton's Daily Affirmations []

"A Full Human Being"
I am willing to pay the price of personal and spiritual growth.
Confronting the situations both within and outside that frighten me is
not easy-it can feel terrifying, sometimes almost life-threatening. But
today, rather than bemoan my fate, I will reach deep down into myself
and look for something good. I will be sustained not only by courage but
by a sort of goodness, a trust in life, a willingness to think that if I
stay with it long enough and well enough, things will work out. I could
give up on living fully, but I feel that if I did, I would regret it.
Trouble and suffering are a part of the human condition. Once I accept
that I am in a position to look for my rewards where they are most
likely to be found-not in the world but in my relationship to it - I can
move closer to spiritual living.

I have a loving relationship with living.

Teach me, like you, to drink creation whole And, casting out, my self,
become a soul.
Richard Wilbur

Song of the day: all you need is love- the beatles

Thursday, July 05, 2007


i went with hess to see sicko last night, and once again michael moore has managed to bring truth and shock to another overwhelming situation

while over the top in some places (as moore is so good at doing), one older british interviewee put it best in his description of democraacy

democracy, he said, is the most rebellious idealogoy there is- giving power to the people, giving people the vote

right now as americans, i think we may feel helpless, hearing things about rigged elections, but just as the british people decided to provide healthcare for everyone...its not socialism its humanism...

it embarrases me that hospitals are put in a position that they feel a need to dump patients on the side of the road, it embarrases me that we are the 37 best countyr in healthcare despite the amazing medical community and inordinate wealth of the u.s.

song of the day- come to my window- mellisa etheridge

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Throwing Muses - Counting Backwards

kristen hirsch and tonya donnely back in the day

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

laws effective july 1

so virginia has raised the price of speeding tickets to outrageous levels through a new state law that allows to pay for road repairs without raising taxes (folks, tawes are not always a bad thing)...i wonder how virginians will feel as this new policy unfolds, and drivers going 5 miles over the limit wind up with $1000 fine....

here are some other new laws across the country that went into effect on the first...what do you think about the, whether the good the bad or the ugly??

from: Virginians Face $3,000 Traffic Ticket, by Dennis Cauchon, USA Today
Posted: 2007-07-01 15:18:05

Drunken Driving: Wyoming bans open containers in vehicles. South Dakota expands a program that requires repeat drunken drivers to check in at jails twice daily for breath testing. Supporters say it reduces jail costs and allows people to continue working, support their families and stay sober.

Health: New York City bans trans fats. Massachusetts' sweeping health care insurance law takes full effect, with everyone required to have health insurance — either with state help or purchased privately.

Children's Health: California bans soda sales on school campuses during school hours, and puts new limits on sugar and fat content in school food. Florida starts a one-year pilot program to test randomly for steroid use among high school athletes participating in football, baseball and weightlifting.

Cervical Cancer: Indiana schools must tell parents of sixth-grade girls about the link between human papillomavirus and cervical cancer, and about the availability of a new vaccine. North Carolina also requires schools to tell parents about the disease and the vaccine. Nevada requires insurers to cover the new vaccine.

Sex Education: Colorado bans abstinence-only sex education in all schools (except for one district), requiring schools to teach sex education based on scientific research and to include information on contraception.

Energy: Nevada and Minnesota encourage conservation and alternative energy. North Dakota begins a temporary tax break to spur the drilling of more oil wells in an area called the Bakken geologic formation.

Sex Offenders: Virginia requires convicted sex offenders to register their e-mail addresses with the state. Nevada forces certain sex offenders to live at least 1,000 feet away from schools and other places children gather. Connecticut creates a new crime for those who abuse a child under 13 that carries a 25-year prison sentence.

Showing ID:Tennessee requires everyone who buys beer at a store to show identification, regardless of their age.

War and Veterans: Minnesota provides state education assistance to veterans, or family members of dead or disabled veterans. Idaho limits protests at military funerals. Florida bars commercial use of names or pictures of service members without their permission or their families' permission, if they are deceased.

Immigration: Georgia's tough anti-illegal immigration laws kick in, requiring public employers with 500 or more employees -- and any contractors -- to verify that all new hires are in the country lawfully. The state also checks to make sure that anyone over age 18 who is receiving benefits is in the country legally. Idaho requires proof of legal residency for most forms of public assistance.

Abortion: Women seeking abortions in Georgia must be given a chance to see an ultrasound image of the fetus and listen for a heartbeat. In Mississippi, an abortion provider must perform a sonogram and give a pregnant woman the chance to listen to the heartbeat.

Minimum Wage: Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania were among the states that raised their minimum wage.

Sexual Orientation:Gays and lesbians are protected by Iowa's civil rights laws. Vermont bars discrimination against people who change their genders or discrimination based on whether they present themselves as a man or a woman.

Medical Marijuana: New Mexico legalized the medical use of marijuana. Rhode Island made permanent its medical marijuana program, which was to expire June 30. Vermont expanded the use of medical marijuana from only those with terminal diseases to those with some chronic diseases, too.

Song of the day:

Monday, July 02, 2007

to dream

very enjoyable and peaceful

hat tip to dreams and dreamscapes

Sunday, July 01, 2007

remembering the road: sxsw -march 20, 1995

we drove 22 hours from atlanta to austin with a few hundred dollars and a box full of mix tapes just to see the indigo girls production of jesus christ superstar, sally and i did- we were pulled over on a back road in eastern texas by cops in cowboy hats who werer sure we were off to mexico to buy drugs and spent two hours searching my brand new car, and since i was not aware of my rights, it was what it was...ofcourse, i can never go back to texas since i got a ticket and never took care of it. i definitly never want to spend the night in a texas jail!
anyhow, we could not attend anything else at the sxsw since we were underage, so there is not too much to say about the actual event of sxsw, but they made a video of the show that daemon records put out (now out of print) and while i am not on it, sally is, dancing to the last song of the show in my red and white checkered seventies polyester button down shirt (which she still wears)...

there was something really evocative about jesus being played by a woman, true, but amy and emily had no chemistry playing jesus and mary respectively, and because of that it really lost the edge having a woman play jesus could have had if that spark had been there...

...we ran out of money, did not have enough to make it to atlanta, and some guy gave us a hundred bucks to get home...not enough for a hotel so we found a denny's and intended to fall asleep in shifts in the booth...but we met a blue haired punk who took us home with him and gave us the two bean bag chairs in the living room to bed down on...we joked that in a way, it was a strange kind of early adulthood manger to happen on...

Song of the day: pilates dream-gerard mchugh(pilate/jesus christ superstar)

a piece of "adam and eve"- ani difranco

adam and eve
i suggest that if you have never heard the album "dialate" you give it a listen, for you can find true emotion in every song....for me today, the true grief in ani's voice while she sings these words speaks for me and my heart...

....You rhapsodize about beauty
And my eyes glaze
Everything that I love is ugly
I mean really, you would be amazed
Just do me a favor
It’s the least that you can do
Just don’t treat me like I am
Something that happened to you

I am truly sorry about all this

You put a tiny pinprick
In my big red balloon
And as I slowly start to exhale
That’s when you leave the room
I did not design this game
I did not name the stakes
I just happen to like apples
And I am not afraid of snakes

I am truly sorry about all this...

So I let go of the ratio
Of things said to things heard
And I leave you to your garden
And the beauty you preferred
And I wonder what of this
Will have meaning for you
When you’ve left it all behind
I guess I’ll even wonder
If you meant it
At the time

Song of the day: adam and eve- ani difranco
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