Sunday, July 01, 2007

a piece of "adam and eve"- ani difranco

adam and eve
i suggest that if you have never heard the album "dialate" you give it a listen, for you can find true emotion in every song....for me today, the true grief in ani's voice while she sings these words speaks for me and my heart...

....You rhapsodize about beauty
And my eyes glaze
Everything that I love is ugly
I mean really, you would be amazed
Just do me a favor
It’s the least that you can do
Just don’t treat me like I am
Something that happened to you

I am truly sorry about all this

You put a tiny pinprick
In my big red balloon
And as I slowly start to exhale
That’s when you leave the room
I did not design this game
I did not name the stakes
I just happen to like apples
And I am not afraid of snakes

I am truly sorry about all this...

So I let go of the ratio
Of things said to things heard
And I leave you to your garden
And the beauty you preferred
And I wonder what of this
Will have meaning for you
When you’ve left it all behind
I guess I’ll even wonder
If you meant it
At the time

Song of the day: adam and eve- ani difranco

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