Sunday, September 30, 2007

andy and chi; a celebration

first opportunity to see andy since he got home from hpspital and chi is moving to chicago today....p.s., larry, i put these up for you

me chi and andy (can you believe how much weight he lost?)
andy, debbie and chi

mikes new boyfriend, mike and dierdra

jeff and chi


and then roseanna made me stop with the camera...she does hate when i catch her on film (or more correctly on digital chip)...she went kind of crazy with sherryr and grain alcohol last night...but we will let that story brew for awhile

Saturday, September 29, 2007

great leaders march...

from: have coffee will write
...Great leaders march. Like Ghandi marched from his ashram to the sea to make salt and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. marched from Selma toward Montgomery, Alabama to make History.

If the Dali Lama is truly a great leader he will stop praying and start walking.

I’m not sure where he ought to start from, but he needs to start. And he needs to keep marching until he reaches the border of Burma. And he need to keep walking until he reaches Yangon.

And you know what will happen as he walks?

Two people will join him. Then 20 more will join the march. Then 200, 2,000, 20,000 will march.

And by the time they reach the border there will be too many to stop. And even if every bullet is fired, there won’t be enough to stop the marchers.

to all the brave, tired souls in burma and around the world who keep on keepin on

Song of the day: all the tired horses- bob dylan

waning or perservering: its all about perception

the ap reports that the "hope is waning among protesters" for myanmar protesters while the bbc says that there are "New protests on Rangoon street"....despite three days of crackdowns on pro-democracy protests.", its amazing how perception can vary...or is it?

now if we are the country for freedom, doesnt it seem odd that our news reports certain failure while the british news brings forward the courage of the continued effort? all over right now, we hear and say our government and media are using psychology to get us to buy or believe, and here is just another example

people all over the world are protesting president bush, just like all over the world people are protesting the is too dangerous for the american people to feel encouraged by these protests, it brings to much rage and too many ideas, too much creativity...remember, it was once the streets of america that were flashed around the world on the evening news, fighting for our civil rights, fighting racism, fighting you see how they are trying to keep us down? ever hear of the term "mind fuckers"? oh, and i just heard about milton friedman and intend to learn and disseminate information on his if we had ever bothered to learn about the past, we might have prevented the current direction of this country

and for anyone who didnt know, the entire bush administration the whole way through these eight years has been filled with the same people who worked with nixon- and i thought we all hated him and his ideas, that cheat, that thief!

Song of the day: the future is a war- Exene Cervenka

more truth from the bbc

Burma and Somalia have been jointly ranked by Transparency International as the world's most corrupt countries.......There is strong correlation between poverty and corruption, said Huguette Labelle, chair of the watchdog.

At the bottom of the table, ahead of Somalia and Burma, were Iraq, Haiti, Uzbekistan and the rest here
Song of the day:

the bbc sure looks different....

i have not seen any photos from american news sources that show the magmnitude of what has really happened in myanmar...and is still happening according to bbc reports (though all the headlines over here say the junta has created quiet in the streets)

Song of the day: fixing to die rag- country joe and the fish

Thursday, September 27, 2007

pretty cool

my readership since 7/4/07

Song of the day: popular- steven schwartz (from wicked)

something worth dying for?

i knew very little of the history of burma, but the current situation has my attention...

hess has a friend over there and while she isnt saying much on her own space, she has been keeping hess up-to-date, so i suggest you check it out

Song of the day: march of death- zac de la rocha

"i was born with the voice of a riot, a storm
lightening the function, the form
far from the norm, i wont follow like cattle
i'm more like a catalyst; calm in the mix of battle"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Gates seeks $190 billion for wars

read story here

Song of the day: killing in the name- rage against the machine

monks, the price of energy, and the seperation of church and state

YANGON, Myanmar - The government said its security forces opened fire Wednesday on demonstrators who failed to disperse, killing one person, and witnesses said police beat and dragged away dozens of Buddhist monks in the most violent crackdown in a month of protests in the rest here

you know, the monks actually started marching in protest to the treatment of another monk, but when gas prices rose, the people came out to march along side, and they are now using this movement to try and change the unjust reality of rising living costs...and monks have the energy to devote to this type of movement, they have the spiritual resource to motivate The People

i wonder why here, in america, we can read about the increasing costs of energy this winter (and the fact that people making minimum wage will need to spend 20 % of their income on heat, where as the rich will only pay 3 %) and not care enough to hit the streets after reading about the violence some people will endure to fight the people who keep them down...and one thing i think of is the way churches and synagogues (and maybe other religious institutions) are now given government funds for their to motivate their parishoners to fight against the things that keep them down is against their own best interest....because if i remember correctly, religious institutions were heavily involved in all the successful movements in the united states...ofcourse, bush now financially has say in what they do....the monks are not controlled by the goevernment at all...

we are none of us "entilted" to be rich, money is something we need to work for and fancy cars and big houses and cable t.v. are luxuries that we will not alll be able to have, but if youre working for your money (as i believe most people working for minimum wage are), then you have the right to demand that the cost of necessities be regulated or that fair wages be kept in line with is ridiculous to me that the number of millionaires we have in this country has increased as much as it has because the POLARITY to that much wealth is increased levels of poverty (the money aint coming from nothing, its coming from us normal folks, our pockets, as the value of a ceo rises and the value of a worker is to outsource to countries where they do not have to pay fair wages legally)...

i know heating costs isnt as sexy as brittany or 50 cent, but it sure means a whloe lot more to the world in the long run

Song of the day:

Monday, September 24, 2007

all my relations

its about all war and all death and all oppression
from ulali's myspace page
A note about "All My Relations" The music for All My Relations" is based on an Irish drinking song from the late 1700's. Gary Owen is actually the American pronunciation of two Gaelic words that roughly translate into Owen's Garden, (and I do mean roughly) which is or was a place in Ireland where people gathered to drink and whatever. It was listed as "Auld Bessy" at a publishing in 1788 and subsequently attributed to "Jackson of Cork" around 1800. It was adopted by the American military during the 1800's as a marching song. It is often referred to as Gary Owen March or Hale in the States. It was often used by the American military as they marched into battle to kill the Native Americans, most notably by Custer at the battle of Little Big Horn as he marched against the Lakota Nation. It continues to this day to be used by the American military. Pura Fe wrote the narative that Ulali speaks over the music. We use it as the background of the narative to commemorate and honor all our relations and others who have died throughout the wars.

.....and those who have and will die due to the occupation of iraq

Song of the day: oil, arms and drugs- ulali

"oil arms and drugs
oil, arms and drugs
one a million, two a million
oil, arms and drugs"

what americans really think....

what do you think of the things our media hasnt been showing us?

Song of the day: the price of oil- billy bragg

"...Now I ain't no fan of Saddam Hussein
oh, please don't get me wrong
if it's freeing the Iraqi people you're after
then why have we waited so long.

Why didn't we sort this out last time
was he less evil than he is now
the stock market holds the answer
to why him, why here, why now."

Saturday, September 22, 2007

yom kipor, 2007

Song of the day:

Monday, September 17, 2007

my little sister

really, she is my half sister, and i have not seen her since she was about ten years old, but i found her on my space recently and want to share

me and rachael, 1993

rachael now

Song of the day:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

we all shoulder our share of the responsibility

understand, i know choices often can be difficult to make, but there is truth in that as long as there are men willing to fight, and as long as there are mothers willing to give their children to the military, and as long as people have energy for shopping and doing coffee and driving to the beach, but not the energy for protesting in the streets (and i include myself in this statement and am looking at my own choices), well then, there will be war with no end and no meaning

Song of the day:universal soldier- buffy saint marie

northwest nightmare

from yahoo news
Arctic ice melt opens Northwest Passage
By JAMEY KEATEN, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 6 minutes ago

PARIS - Arctic ice has shrunk to the lowest level on record, new satellite images show, raising the possibility that the Northwest Passage that eluded famous explorers will become an open shipping lane. The European Space Agency said nearly 200 satellite photos this month taken together showed an ice-free passage along northern Canada, Alaska and Greenland, and ice retreating to its lowest level since such images were first taken in 1978.

The waters are exposing unexplored resources, and vessels could trim thousands of miles from Europe to Asia by bypassing the Panama Canal. The seasonal ebb and flow of ice levels has already opened up a slim summer window for ships........Pedersen said the extreme [ice] retreat this year suggested the passage could fully open sooner than expected — but ESA did not say when that might be. Efforts to contact ESA officials in Paris and Noordwik, the Netherlands, were unsuccessful Saturday.......
Russia, Norway, Denmark, Canada and the United States are among countries in a race to secure rights to the Arctic ...... A U.S. study has suggested as much as 25 percent of the world's undiscovered oil and gas could be hidden in the area.....

Associated Press Writer Louise Nordstrom in Stockholm, Sweden, contributed to this report.
can we say SCARY AS HELL!! how can the complete destruction of an entire habitat be viewed in any positive light? hess says that the northwest passage could be a huge reduction in fuel usage, and maybe thats so, but it will also be the end of wild polar bears and seals....what a disaster

Song of the day:

Saturday, September 15, 2007


A protester holds up a sign before being escorted out by Capitol Hill Police during testimony from the US Commander in Iraq General David Petraeus before a joint hearing of the House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs committees on the state of the war on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. What was billed as the most electrifying day of testimony in Congress for many years lurched into farce Monday as Petraeus struggled to be heard and members of the anti-war group Code Pink were dragged kicking from the room.(AFP/Tim Sloan)

Song of the day: fortunate son- creedence clearwater revival
dedicated to our beloved national leader

Some folks are born made to wave the flag,
Ooh, theyre red, white and blue.
And when the band plays hail to the chief,
Ooh, they point the cannon at you, lord,

It aint me, it aint me, I aint no senators son, son.
It aint me, it aint me; I aint no fortunate one, no....

Some folks inherit star spangled eyes,
Ooh, they send you down to war, lord,
And when you ask them, how much should we give?
Ooh, they only answer more! more! more! yoh,

It aint me, it aint me, I aint no military son, son.
It aint me, it aint me; I aint no fortunate one, one.

Friday, September 14, 2007


so gestalt ends and i wind up with a real bad cold (im pretty sure dano gave it to me too) and in the middle of blowing my nose on wednesday, i walked right into a chair and i think i broke my other words, i have not been in the mood to write, even though there is plenty to say

first, my god-father andy is home from the hospital. i have not seen him since he came home though (dont want to get him sick)....but how releiving to know hes in his own bed

second, there is much more to say about gestalt- theories learned, experiences had....the majickal professor was the guest facilitator in my process group this weekend (which meets from 5 to 7 pm on both friday and saturday). process group, or "pg" is a chance to process what has happened through the weekend in a smaller group environment (ten of us), and is actually more like group therapy then a learning environment, and as you can imagine, it was a very uncomfortable time having her in there. i was quiet for almost the whole first hour on friday, but then dano (yes, the same guy who got me sick)said something that brought me into the room and i went to speak to him, and i got maybe three words out before i suddenly blurted out "i am so uncomfortable that you are in here!!" and the professor said back "i know"....thats it, just 'i know'...i do wish that she would include me more in the decision making process around things that involve me...anyhoiw, i managed to lighten up by saturday and actually enjoyed having her after that....she truly has sun energy for me, and i incorporated this weekends learning on a much deeper level then i had been up to this point

ok, my nose is so clogged right now i feel like my head could to you later

Song of the day: sometimes- spearhead

Monday, September 10, 2007

another gestalt weekend: working polarities

in gestalt, instead of defenses, there is something called "contact styles (the creative adjustments)...i really appreciate the view of creative adjustment because it acknowledges that we all approach the world in certain ways, and that it is not bad or good outside of how the adjustment helps or hurts us in our lives....

the creative adjustment is also a polarity, and not a stagnant frozen term....for example (since this one was strong for me), there is projection, which is a term that most people are familiar with.... but in gestalt, the idea of projection is countered by ownership, and everyone leans toward one pole or the other...
to look a little more, here are some of the eight polarities gestalt names as the creative adjustments (but as i work polarities i am beginning to focus in on personal polarities that are more tailored to who i am)


unfortunately i dont have time to go over it all right now, but i will go into more detail later on....

Song of the day:

Saturday, September 08, 2007

another one of those gestalt weekends

gestalting again and i dont really have time to tlak about it this morning, but i will say we are addressing polarities, and that the majickal professor is a strong presence this weekend, whichb is not all that comfortable for me, but i will learn from it what i can

Song of the day: head like a hole- nine inch nails

"head like a hole
black as your soul
i'd rather die than give you control"

(not resally, but i do feel like i have not been given any say in my surroundings)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

im such a red neck!!

it just looks like so much fun!!

Song of the day: cripple creek

my hero

Ailing senator returns to Hill
By MARY CLARE JALONICK, Associated Press Writer
40 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson returned to the Senate on Wednesday physically weaker but saying he anticipates running for re-election next year.
Johnson, a Democrat, has been out since suffering a life-threatening brain hemorrhage nine months ago. The effects of the hemorrhage are clear — he uses a scooter to get around and his words are slow and slurred. But his mind appears sharp, and he gave every indication of wanting to stay.

"It feels good and I'm ready to go," he said after returning to his office.

Johnson had no problem finding answers to questions, but it occasionally took him while to form words. He said he will measure his speech and mobility progress and make a final decision on re-election this fall.

"I anticipate it will be good but you never know," he said. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., wasted no time readying for the senator's political future.

"In honor of his first day back in the Senate, help me welcome Tim with a contribution to his campaign," he said in an e-mail to Democratic supporters Wednesday.

living with ms, i often run up against people saying "but you look so good" when i actually take a risk and talk about what it is like living in this body...i send out pictures of my mri's, say, this is what my ms looks like, but lets be honest, very few people can connect a blurry photo of white streaks on the brain
with my ruddy cheeks, bouncy hair and active ms, you cant see it on the outside but i sure can feel it. i find this very frustrating, as i dont like being doubted by the people in my life

but even worse, i dont want things to be visible and i admire the courage, persistance and commitment senator johnson brings to the table, and i hope his health is strong enough to run for reelection in the fall....maybe even president one day

adversity has so far brought out the fighter in sen. johnson and i hope the voters can put aside this new imperfection and see the man he is (honestly, i know nothing of his polotics, but i intend to look up on it)

ive been told roosevelt could never be president in this world of 24 hour tv news, and maybe thats true, maybe us americans are too shallow to understand that physical appearance is truly a very minor aspect of a leader...but then again, maybe who he is will ring louder then a disability after all

Song of the day: when im gone- phil ochs

remembering abu ghraib

hbo has put out a new documentary on abu ghraib, and i think it is an important piece of work that everyone should see....i dont think it is really sinking into the american conciousness what our country has become in the eyes of the world....and since when is it not important to be well liked?

in any other situation, on an individual level especially, this governments absolute disregard for the rights and feelings of others would be considered anti-social

we the people, we are allowing the same horrors of abu ghraib to take place at gitmo (just because we dont talk about it doesnt mean it isnt happening, in fact, it keeps happening precisly because we dont talk about it enough)

Song of the day: back in the ussr- the beatles
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