Saturday, September 29, 2007

the bbc sure looks different....

i have not seen any photos from american news sources that show the magmnitude of what has really happened in myanmar...and is still happening according to bbc reports (though all the headlines over here say the junta has created quiet in the streets)

Song of the day: fixing to die rag- country joe and the fish

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for the monks in Burma. Most males in that part of the world are monks for at least a few weeks of their lives for a variety of reasons. The most pure reason is to pray for others happiness. They need our prayers now.

I've been to Burma briefly once or twice. Once we took a long tail boat there in the south. The other time I was treking in the golden triangle and really have no idea where I was. I know this is kind of like someone walking across the border to Mexico and thinking they know about Mexico, but I think this quote from an MSNBC report I saw today is true...

"Monks and residents spoke on condition of anonymity fearing reprisals.

“We apologize to foreigners for feeling unsafe ... People in this country are very nice and gentle, but the soldiers are very rough,” said one resident.

A resident who identified himself as Ko Hla wrote on his Internet blog that troops in downtown Yangon were searching every bag. “If someone got caught with a camera in it, they would arrest him. They arrested anyone that they suspect,” he wrote.

Criticism globally
The crackdown has triggered unprecedented criticism of Myanmar’s generals from almost every corner of the world — even some from China, the country’s chief trading partner, which urged the ruling junta to “exercise restraint and use peaceful means to restore its stability as soon as possible.”

But China, India and Russia do not seem prepared to go beyond words in dealing with the junta, ruling out sanctions as they jostle for a chance to get at Myanmar’s bountiful and largely untapped natural resources, especially its oil and gas."

It also explains our leaders sudden interest in "human rights".


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