Monday, September 17, 2007

my little sister

really, she is my half sister, and i have not seen her since she was about ten years old, but i found her on my space recently and want to share

me and rachael, 1993

rachael now

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HitThaFloor said...

That's wonderful.

molly said...

yeah, well, its not like i said anything to her, just saw her pictures...she looks just like her mother....she looks alittle like jackie....

i havent decided yet if i want to restart communication with that part of the family...i mean, obviously ive been thinking about it a little, but it involves an awful lot of uncomfortable and painful reality....i mean, im not the only one who has been avoiding contact for a decade....and it does take ttwo

HitThaFloor said...

Yes, but it only takes one to start a conversation.... I'm not pushing at all here, just pointing out facts. PS - When would you want to come for dinner? Also, I need to walk and I can't seem to do it on my own.

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