Saturday, September 29, 2007

waning or perservering: its all about perception

the ap reports that the "hope is waning among protesters" for myanmar protesters while the bbc says that there are "New protests on Rangoon street"....despite three days of crackdowns on pro-democracy protests.", its amazing how perception can vary...or is it?

now if we are the country for freedom, doesnt it seem odd that our news reports certain failure while the british news brings forward the courage of the continued effort? all over right now, we hear and say our government and media are using psychology to get us to buy or believe, and here is just another example

people all over the world are protesting president bush, just like all over the world people are protesting the is too dangerous for the american people to feel encouraged by these protests, it brings to much rage and too many ideas, too much creativity...remember, it was once the streets of america that were flashed around the world on the evening news, fighting for our civil rights, fighting racism, fighting you see how they are trying to keep us down? ever hear of the term "mind fuckers"? oh, and i just heard about milton friedman and intend to learn and disseminate information on his if we had ever bothered to learn about the past, we might have prevented the current direction of this country

and for anyone who didnt know, the entire bush administration the whole way through these eight years has been filled with the same people who worked with nixon- and i thought we all hated him and his ideas, that cheat, that thief!

Song of the day: the future is a war- Exene Cervenka


Anonymous said...

I hope you will have the intellectual honesty to actually read what Milton Friedman wrote before you pass judgement.

molly said...

hi gator80, thanks for stopping in and having the conversation

i feel like there is an implication the if my assessment is different then yours then, i am not being "intellectually honest".

i am willing to put in the effort to learn more about mr. friedmans ideas, and not just make a conclusion based on other people's words, that is where the honesty lies (not that i have gotten around to it yet or anything, lol)

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