Sunday, September 30, 2007

andy and chi; a celebration

first opportunity to see andy since he got home from hpspital and chi is moving to chicago today....p.s., larry, i put these up for you

me chi and andy (can you believe how much weight he lost?)
andy, debbie and chi

mikes new boyfriend, mike and dierdra

jeff and chi


and then roseanna made me stop with the camera...she does hate when i catch her on film (or more correctly on digital chip)...she went kind of crazy with sherryr and grain alcohol last night...but we will let that story brew for awhile


Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks, Molly! Andy looks like he's really improving. He's probably in a good mood because he's got his "kids" and friends with him.

I stopped celebrating birthdays a long time ago, but the pictures are about the best bd present I could ask for! I wish I could have been there, too.


molly said...

happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

it is kind of like groundhogs day...i'm still seven! Thanks again for the pics...larry

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