Friday, September 14, 2007


so gestalt ends and i wind up with a real bad cold (im pretty sure dano gave it to me too) and in the middle of blowing my nose on wednesday, i walked right into a chair and i think i broke my other words, i have not been in the mood to write, even though there is plenty to say

first, my god-father andy is home from the hospital. i have not seen him since he came home though (dont want to get him sick)....but how releiving to know hes in his own bed

second, there is much more to say about gestalt- theories learned, experiences had....the majickal professor was the guest facilitator in my process group this weekend (which meets from 5 to 7 pm on both friday and saturday). process group, or "pg" is a chance to process what has happened through the weekend in a smaller group environment (ten of us), and is actually more like group therapy then a learning environment, and as you can imagine, it was a very uncomfortable time having her in there. i was quiet for almost the whole first hour on friday, but then dano (yes, the same guy who got me sick)said something that brought me into the room and i went to speak to him, and i got maybe three words out before i suddenly blurted out "i am so uncomfortable that you are in here!!" and the professor said back "i know"....thats it, just 'i know'...i do wish that she would include me more in the decision making process around things that involve me...anyhoiw, i managed to lighten up by saturday and actually enjoyed having her after that....she truly has sun energy for me, and i incorporated this weekends learning on a much deeper level then i had been up to this point

ok, my nose is so clogged right now i feel like my head could to you later

Song of the day: sometimes- spearhead


HitThaFloor said...

Being that this is a movie-themed weekend for me, here's what I have to say about how you feel about the majickal professor saying "I know" and you wanting to know more. You are the young, innocent protaganist (sp?) who always wants to know more, but the "adults" don't want to impart that knowledge upon you too soon. You are Harry Potter, you are Garion (in a book I absolutely LOVE). You will know in time, but you don't have control over your own life anyway. Relinquish control and you will be happy : ) (I'm not saying that the majickal professor has control, but that your Higher Power does.) You made me laugh this morning. Whiney, whiney. : ) (Please take all of this with a grain of salt, and not the way unspoken words can come across.)

molly said...


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