Friday, March 31, 2006

still sick

still sick and trying to rest. did some cleaning, found some more poetry, so that is still what you are going to get

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

visiting the kiddies

i love visiting my niece and nephews, though not related to me by blood, their mother and i have herstory that excedes many blood connections

jason is the oldest, he's twelve. he likes to skate board and play guitar, his mother's guitar, the guitar i bought her many moons ago. he also likes to say he hates his mom when ever she says no or tells him to go clean something... thank god thats a phase we only have to live through once....well, except for any therapy regressions one might experience.

Jacob is a matter of days away from eight. he loves video games and plays soccer quite well. Jacob, as an aries, has a wacky temper, and often self-sabotages, ruining his belongings or loses opportunities due to his attitude. he is also very loveing and exceptionally shy. when he was little, he would make disappearing glasses by making his hands into O shapes in front of his eyes, and he would burst into tears if he thought you could see him

Sammy, sammy is six and as big as his brother. he is rough and tumble and highly sensitive. he likes to hug and tease, but often bullies other kids. his dad makes him play soccer with Jacob even though he doesnt like it, so he purposely lost his soccer shirt on saturday. he had a cold while i was visiting

Ginny is four, and the sweetest little thing i've ever known and mad about anything princess. as a baby, she disliked almost everyone besides her parents...and me. we immediatly bonded the first time i met her infant self. she also had a cold last weekend, and fell asleep curled up in my arm friday night.

and so it is no wonder, then, that i again am sick with a cold and i actually am working both days this weekend. i thinbk i better just take it easy this week....i mean, i even have a temperature of 100.2

2000 Milligrams of Solumedrol

I have another thouseand to go.
Three days, an I.V. drip,
dripping steroids- the eye muscles
twitch with anticipation.

Yesterday, the needle
It isn't a needle dear, it's a catheter
Yesterday, the catheter felt wrong wrong.
I said, Harriet
I'm Madeline dear
I said 'Madeline, my arm hurts, aches' so she slowed the drip down.
You're such a slow drip, a dragger
Why can't you handle you're sauce

I apologized, closed my eyes. The friend who drove me,
she wanted to play rummy, she said she was bored.
I hate rummy so I told Madeline to speed the drip up again.

Today it was a little easier.
Madeline pierced me
I'm Harriet dear, Madeline has the day off
Harriet pierced me at the elbow, my hand
bruised over the night so she couldn't go there
How's the copper taste, would you like some candy?
Harriet had chocolates in her pocket to counter
that metallic steroid taste, like sucking on a penny.
There was no ache, no fear this time,
and I think I like Harriet better
but I am still blind despite it.

...the last thousand milligrams were the hardest.
They had to poke me three times, Harriet and Madeline
together, searching for a vein with access.
The doctor came in, said Don't be nervous,
it usually takes a week to kick in. Ofcourse,
it might not come back at all.
Your vision I mean
I told her she wasn't funny
But I am serious
I know, I know, I reply- but me,
I am only twenty-four, and that's young.
Certainly too young for this to be my permanant reality
and I refuse to believe it.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


---"You're so nice.
You're not good, you're not bad, you're just nice.
I'm not good, I'm not nice, I'm just right,
I'm the witch, you're the world."
- James Lapine, from ' Into the Woods'

You stopped wearing my favorite outfit
I noticed.
You say, "I thought it was too seductive,
I thought I was being nice."
I sneer and wring my hands anxiously,
feeling silly and sad.

I talk about my discomfort.
I wiggle in my seat, wishing
I'd worn my oversized overalls,
hidden my body from you. Always
hiding, it's what I do and you say,
"But you wanted to take me dancing!
I thought I was being nice!"
I look out the window and pretend
I am the red-breasted pelican,
or maybe a man.

For Danny, In Explanation

Beautiful is the word I use to describe her,
though it is a terrible beauty,
romantic in a way I don't understand and colder
then my own frigid being, as she stands slumped
over in the corner hiding from me.
She thinks I cannot see her, that I am innocent,
unaware of the little glances thrown my way
but I know and I see her grace.
Her fingers tap, tap, tapping against the dark
wood make me smile. They are spidery in their movement
pulling sharply away from the table as if it were a fragile
antique before swooping back to again caress
the warm surface. Sometimes,
I wish she'd touch me that way.
She smiles back at me, a silly
Charlie Brown grin. You'd think I'd said
something clever from the look in her eye
and pretty clefts appear in her moon cheeks when i look
up to the sky. I laugh to break the moment,
I know these moments all too well, they frighten me
and when she changes the subject to help me
relax, I love her more then I did the minute
before, and I hand her the joint we are smoking on
and give her one of those pouts of mine and laugh again
as I turn to bask in celebration around us.
She disappears then, off to sleep in my bed I guess and I falter.
Two thousand miles she travelled just to be with me, to have me
lay down beside her and tell our secrets in the dark,
but the comfort I could receive from her is too real.
Instead, I drink a beer with my most talkative guest,
a creepy guy with a definite obsession with death, how fun,
and i can only crawl off to bed when I need to pass out
and hope she isn't angry with me
in the morning.

Otherwise- Jane Kenyon

I got out of bed
on two strong legs.
It might have been
otherwise. I ate
cereal, sweet
milk,ripe, flawless
peach, It might
have been otherwise.
I took the dog uphill
to the birch wood.
All morning I did
the work I love.

At noon I lay down
with my mate. It might
have been otherwise.
We ate dinner together
at a table with silver
candlesticks. It might
have been otherwise.
I slept in a bed
in a room with paintings
on the walls, and
planned another day
just like this day.
But one day, I know,
it will be otherwise.

a year later

This morning i woke and played with the cat,
with his green fluff and jingle
bells on the end of a stick
he'd dragged to the bedroom,
his sole purpose to arouse me.

I used to play with the dog this way
(a lick to my nose the signal),
used to tease her up on the bed
and we'd have a morning-glory love fest.
She always rolled orangely over for me,
i'd rub her belly and her tongue would hang
purple on the patchwork quilt.

I had to push the cat away and stand up,
it was time to take a shower anyhow.

since i have nothing to say

and i really dont, i will just give you some poetry.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

my overwhelm

house guests and travelling both throw me very off schedule. genise left back for london yesterday, i have a 7:30 am flight to georgia tomorrow and my house is wrecked so i guess i know what i will be doing today...

then when i get back it is time to start looking for a job... yes, thats right, i have not worked in one and a half weeks now and way overspent while genise was here and still have presents to buy for four wonderful children (this is a moment where i will have to give in and go to target).

when i get back to town, though, i am sure there will be plenty to talk about. by then, bush's announcement that troop withdrawl can be the next guy's problem will have sunk into the american unconcious i am sure....

Song of the day: well, some enya song is on the coffeee shop stereo and she is hard to ignore

Monday, March 20, 2006

house guests

i had a friend in from london this weekend .....more later

Thursday, March 16, 2006


talking to this older woman i know, she says to me "i think the reason more people your age arent angry about south dakota's abortion ban is because you don't remember what it was like not to have reproductive rights".

and she is right. i grew up in a world where my right to make well informed decisions about all aspects of my sexuality and sexual health were a given. now i am thinking about these rights, as if (gasp) they could actually be taken away... oh wait, they can be!!

i wonder about this new "culture of life", and how just existing again became more important then having a certain level of satisfaction.

i began looking up the individual representatives that voted yeah on the issue. i am interested in how many children they all have because we know that a lower birthrate signifies a trend of being financially better off, and often law makers will have two children or less- likely meaning some form of protection... and i bet especially the women who voted yes on this issue practice some sort of birth control. i wonder if this was racially motivated as well, seeing as it is the white birth rate that has been lowered the most (can't you hear them thinking 'damn all those people of color')

finally, the human population has nearly tripled in the past 55 years. in the 1950 census,the global population was about 2.5 billion ( in 1970 ( global population was 3 billion, 912 million and some to spare, currently the global populaiton is 6 billion 601 million people, and we are running out of space and natural resources (and no matter what anyone says, we know for sure that the oil is running low and the weather patterns are signifying global warming). i think it is important to note that the growth rate in the fifty years preceding this (1900-1950)the poulation did not quite even double, and that the growth rate before even that was even less drastic....

and the right wing still thinks that we need to stop doling out birth control and is against allowing women the right to make the decision if they can emotionally, physically and financial have a child due to this culture of life.

having a family is about more then just god and love within marriage. sex has no bounds, any @#&Y% can be a "parent", but if we are not more contemplative on how an abortion ban (and add a lack of access to information and protection, its a good thing your changing that policy of yours) will affect the women and families of our country, society will be left with children who have no one to care for them and women who are maimed or dead due to extreme measures to not bring a pregnancy to frution.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

embracing who you are

one thing about spring, it causes me to be active again. i spent monday outside in the warm rain, not minding the dampness at all

so then comes tuesday, too cold for me to play outside (it's just my personal preference)but entirely antsy so i went to bally's and walked on the tread mill.

i don't tend to think about my appearance at the gym, and i went in my street clothes, walking the machine in my overalls, no make-up, just comfortable.

in the row in front of me, i noticed a woman i had gone to school with when ever i was living in cleveland (we moved around alot), from grade school up. it's hard to believe it is the same person.

i still felt somewhat jealous of her tiny figure (but i can't shrink myself down seven inches, and i will never be what you could call fragile) but i felt this profound pitty for her.

her hair had been straightened, which even i have done, but curls wash in or grow out. it was her face. she had more then one surgery. her jewish nose replaced with a snub, her chin built up...she had not been an unattractive girl either, just very jewish looking.

there is so much pressure to be perfect. we talk about the self-esteem of girls while at the same time providing plastic role models. i mean, even lindsay lohan got to thin.

Monday, March 13, 2006

acknowledging my herstory

i don't think i realized how much healing i still needed from my diagnosis.

i started off this project to help myself stay active through these memories. it is my habit to shut down in late february, cut classes, call off work, ditch friends and dates. i like to say that i am just storing up for spring, but in reality i am overwhelmed with flashes of the story i just told. i am very aware i have ms. the logic was that if i wrote it, i might very well be able to contain my difficult feelings in the story.

by the middle i was embarrased that i was laying out my personal crap...but that is also the point in the story where my humor goes down and things start to feel real serious (as it was).

thanks for staying with me through this... i had an active productive week that i enjoyed.

Song of the day: rural faggot- amy ray
....... it just wants to stick tightly right now.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

diagnosis part VI: march eleventh, nineteen-ninety seven

i never knew if i was actually clausterphobic or just afraid my extra weight would get me stuck, but i answered yes when the neurologist asked if i was affraid of small spaces. this answer was rewarded with a tiny little pill- an ativan.

when i get nervous, i feel like an insect. i imagine that my non-stop speedy chatter must sound like a high pitched humming. i just don't shut up. my mom says watching the ativan take effect was similar to turning the tv off, one second, an entire show is taking place and then nothing. i dont remember feeling any different after then before. the rest of the office however, was probably quite pleased with this sudden silence.

i don't really remember much about the mri. it was a tight tube. it was loud. the ativan had me making up little stories about being stuck in a jeffries tube on deck 25 of the uss starship enterprise (ncc-1701-d). it was alot easier then the spinal tap.

i was pretty fed up with the process of getting diagnosed by this point.


finally, finally-finally dr. kinsella tells me i have ms. he tells me the spinal tap was normal, he tells me the mri showed classic signs of ms (i was kinda fuming inside that they didnt bother to do the mri before the lumbar puncture), he gives me the name of neurologists at the dekalb medical center on north decatur road, which was really close to the house i rented.

and that was it. sitting here, writing this, i once again have that saying in my head "before enlightenment, i chopped wood and carried water. after enlightenment, i chopped wood and carried water". nothing was different . while in the long run, getting diagnosed greatly altered my entire life, it would first take a couple more years of my wayward days and a very unpleasant night in jail to get to that point...but thats a story for another night.

Friday, March 10, 2006

diagnosis part V: march tenth, nineteen-ninety seven

if you ask my mom about my spinal tap, she will tell you about our humor in the waiting room, and her attempts to keep things as upbeat as possible (surprising for someone who avoids disappointment by expecting the worst, a trait i seem to have inhereted).

me, i remember the body, laying on its left side, torso straight and knees bent, as if a straight back chair was holding it in place. i remember feeling fearful, being so bad at sitting still, knowing there was this needle protruding from my back, sucking out my spinal fluid (hoping mom didnt ask them to check for any illicit substances while they were at it), i remember a tingly numb sensation that began early in that spread through my lower half and the nurse trying to relax me, telling me that once the needle was out, i would be fine. i remember it feeling like an eternity, but i think it was only 5 to 10 minutes in real time.

i remember having to lay still for another twenty minutes once the procedure was over. mom sat with me, i think the nurse explained that if i moved before a little healing could happen my spinal fluid could leak out (or maybe that was just my fear, i dont know, maybe it was more about the dizziness i felt after)

Thursday, March 09, 2006

diagnosis part IV: march ninth, nineteen-ninety seven

nothing happened on sunday.
i suppose this is a blessing
everyone needs a day of rest.

....things can happen when nothing is happening though, if you know what i mean. mom told me in the early afternoon i was going to have to have a spinal tap. i have no idea who told her this, or when she set up the appointment, but it sure was set for the very next day

and i started to cry, i cried and i screamed and i paced around the house, i think i even threw a thing or two. nothing could console me, i was scared out of my mind. a spinal tap!!!!!! are you kidding me!

the only place i had really ever heard of a spinal tap before was in those cheesy pre-teen cancer books you buy at the elementary school book fairs, you know, the ones where the popular sixteen year old homecoming queen gets leukemia, loses her boyfriend, loses her hair, and has a multitude of long, thick needles stuck into her bones.

my uncle david called in the middle of this freak out. he could hear me in the background and asked my mother what was wrong. she told him i was having a spinal tap and was scared of the pain. he inquired if i knew i would get novacaine.

mom asks me, did you know you'd get novacaine and my tears stopped immediatly. no i didnt know i would get novacaine, but i sure was glad to be informed of such. novacaine is just not that big of a deal.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

dianosis part III: march eighth, nineteen-ninety seven

i dont know how the subject came up, maybe the er nurse had tuned her gay-dar into me, but this sweet, perky and very obviously homosexual (as my mother said to me later) rn began listing all her favorite lesbi-bands in between taking my temperature and weight (damn any scale that tells me i weigh over 200...glad that hasnt happened in over seven years now). anyhow, all her favorite lesbi-bands, melissa etheridge, odd girl out, melissa ferrick, tribe-8, kristen hersch (who is not gay but much beloved by those who are...and now that i think about it, i dont think mellisa ferrick is either), disappear fear, indigo girls...

"you like the indigo girls!!" my mom blurts out "really, you know, this kid here knows them" she adds with pride throwing her arm around my shoulder. i blushed, embarrassed, thinking about that time i came to town for a concert and my friend shanna told every cute girl that i knew the girls so they would talk to her.

"mom, really" i said. "i dont know them really"
"yes you do" she said
"that is sooooo cool" the er nurse said "how do you know them" she was pumping away on the sphygoptemeter or whatever it is that the thing that takes your blood pressure is called.
"i used to be a gohead" i said "you know, kinda like a deadhead, only i followed the indigo girls so i was called a gohead. a friend of mine opens for them alot" i could hear the bragging and i wanted to pull back, but this really was a nice distraction from thinking about brain failures, and sometimes it's nice to feel special like i did at the moment
"yeah, who's your friend" that cute little nurse asked as she set up the chart for the doctor.
"michelle malone"
"EEEEEEEEK i love her!" cute nurse shrieked. i realized that she had run out of chores to complete, but wanted to stay
"molly has known her for years, she had a roommate who worked with her" bragged my mom. it was true, i had known her for years, i met her in akron when i was 17, long before missy worked with her, but i did not correct her, she was just trying to lighten the mood for me.

so hours wasted, sitting waiting, chatting with the cute nurse, seeing another opthamologist, going to another area with a different nurse, they send me for a CT scan....finally, they have me see the, scratch that, the neurology intern.

the neurology intern was a tall, thin black man with bottle-lensed glasses and a great sense of humor. my first experience with a neurology exam, i was greatful that he was aware of how silly it must make a person feel to have to do these tiny little physical challenges, such as touching a finger to my nose then to his finger from a multitude of angles.
"now pinch your fingers together and take them apart as fast as you can" says my intern and so i do but i cannot resist a "kids in the hall" moment. just like that troop of canadian comics, i had to, had to do it....
putting my hand at eye level, i put my pinching fingers in front of my left eye and started "squishin' the head. squishin' the head" i say with my right eye squeezed shut and my intern just lost it. he laughed so hard the tears ran down his face, and i think he almost had to excuse himself for a moment
"i'll tell you" he says "i have never had so much fun doing this job before." and i smiled and nodded "but we have to get serious now. the CT scan is normal" and mum and i both sigh with release "and since you are showing no other signs of a neurological issue, i will not keep you in the hospital" (i did not even know they had been thinking in this diraction and my heart speeds up) "but we will need to set up an mri to rule out some things..."
"like what" says mom "what are we possibly looking at?"
after hearing a list that was as serious as a brain tumor or as simple as a migraine, mum took me home so my friend liz could pick me up and take me out for disco bowling.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

thirty idling buses all in a row...

i had a ceu class with that majickal professor today, and she asked me an interesting question at lunch. i could not help much with her dilemma, and so i pose the question to everyone out there, and if you are unaware of an answer, maybe you can pass this on as well.

anyhow, i guess she had been up at university circle, and outside of severance hall or the art museum, i dont remember which, thirty school bus drivers were patiently waiting for their charges, each in their own idling bus.

now, i would not have personally noticed this, the idea of it is so commonplace, i see it all the time (which now that i DO think about it is horrible as well), but jackie's point was that the pollution released by the buses and the gas wasted during these hours of waiting was avoidable and changable.

the question, then, is, who can she talk to about this. i guess she had read an article about something similar to this issue over the weekend in the pee dee (as hess says) and she considered contacting the author, but she didnt remember who it was

i believe each school system owns their own buses, and i am unsure who she could talk to in order to change this behavior and get the drivers to shut the buses off and i figured that since this was a space to say things when unsure of who to say them to, i would post this up and see what i got in return, even if it's just more questions

song of the day: jelly roll- charles mingus

dianosis II: friday, march seventh, nineteen-ninety seven

"you've had a stroke" says the opthamologist
"excuse me!?" says i
"true, this is rare in a woman your age, but you are a heavy smoker, and taking the pill (birth control) seriously increases the likelyhood of a stroke" says he
"i don't take the pill" says i
"yes you do" says he
"no i dont" says i
"there is really no other explanation" says he
"i have never taken birth control, i'm gay" says i (and i was, i have since relaxed my self definition to i connect with people, and sometimes the connection is sexual, regardless of gender)
"cramps" says he
"i have never taken the pill" says i
"all the same, you are experiencing a bilateral loss of vision in the lower right hand quadrant of both eyes. classic sign of stroke" says he "is there anyone i should call?"


"i got you on the nine pm flight here" says mom
"i still dont see why you won't come here instead" says i
"because cleveland has some of the best medical care there is, thats why" says she (besides, you're too afraid to fly, i think)
"i already talked to dr. deuley, and she said we should go to the emergency room first thing tomorrow morning" says she
"is it really safe for a person who's had a stroke to fly" says i
"it'll be fine" says she
(yeah, just like the sun spots are fine, i think)
"do you have a ride?" says she
"yeah, stacey will take me" says i,and hung up on her and smoked some pot then packed my bag (i am a light traveler) for this glorious trip home.

Monday, March 06, 2006

save what little we have left....

i received this email today, and need to spread the word, as mike dewine is one the senators involved and the vote is on wednesday the eighth
NASW Government Relations Action Alert

Contact Your Senator Now to Oppose
Destructive HIMMA Bill (S.1955)

March 3, 2006

President Bush and some small employers are putting strong pressure on the Senate to pass health insurance regulatory changes to benefit selective employee groups. This new initiative is known as the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act (HIMMA, S. 1955). This bill is part of a larger health agenda to enact Association Health Plans (AHPs) that have already passed the House as H.R. 525. NASW is concerned that the Senate bill could pass under election-year pressure, enabling negotiations with the House over its AHP bill and producing a very destructive regulatory framework for all commercial health insurance.

The HIMMA bill S. 1955 will be voted on by the Senate HELP (Health, Education, Labor and Pensions) Committee this Wednesday, March 8, 2006. One of your Senators, listed below, sits on the HELP Committee and will vote on this bill at that time. NASW needs you to contact your Senator now and tell him or her that this bill is too destructive of essential insurance protections for vulnerable beneficiaries and it must be entirely rejected.

S.1955 is a highly complex bill that makes sweeping changes in the health insurance regulatory environment by federalizing many key aspects of insurance regulation that are currently state responsibilities. One of the goals of the bill is to "harmonize" the regulatory environment, making it easier to sell insurance products across multiple state lines. These products would be cheaper because they would not conform to state mandatory benefit requirements, provider choice laws or consumer protections. They would in most cases be "bare bones" insurance products marketed across state lines. NASW is highly supportive of increasing access to health care coverage for working people, but we oppose S. 1955 because it would eviscerate behavioral health and most other mandatory health benefits, preempt over 30 social work "freedom of choice" laws and eliminate basic consumer protections, all the while producing a different premium structure that will make it much more expensive for higher risk groups and individuals to afford any insurance.

Sample Phone Message
Members of the Senate HELP Committee must be contacted now to hear opposition to S. 1955. Phone calls are necessary because of the short notice given for Committee consideration of this new and poorly understood legislation. A sample phone message follows:

"My name is _________ from (city, state). As a constituent, professional social worker, and member of the National Association of Social Workers, I am calling to ask Senator (last name) to oppose the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act (HIMMA, S. 1955). This Act would exempt many new health plans from critical state laws and regulations, thereby gutting existing consumer protections and coverage requirements and increasing insurance premiums for those left behind. I urge the Senator's strong opposition to this bill during HELP Committee consideration this week. Thank you.

Call your Senator through the Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121, and just ask for the office by name.

It is critical for opposition to be heard immediately, since S.1955 will undergo committee consideration on Wednesday, March 8th.

Enzi, Michael (WY), Chairman; Gregg, Judd (NH); Frist, Bill (TN); Alexander, Lamar (TN); Burr, Richard (NC); Isakson, Johnny (GA); DeWine, Mike (OH); Ensign, John (NV); Hatch, Orrin (UT); Sessions, Jeff (AL); Roberts, Pat (KS)

Kennedy, Edward (MA), Ranking Member; Dodd, Christopher (CT); Harkin, Tom (IA); Mikulski, Barbara (MD); Jeffords, James (VT); Bingaman, Jeff (NM); Murray, Patty (WA); Reed, John (RI); Clinton, Hillary (NY)


You have received this e-mail as a member of NASW. If you would like to be omitted from future e-mails regarding federal legislation, please send and e-mail to advocacy

diagnosis part I: thursday, march sixth, nineteen ninety seven

i had gotten back to atlanta two days previous from my cousin aimee's engagement party in miami and a quick jaunt to disney world on the drive home. my uncle robert was dying of lung cancer and would not make it to the wedding the following year, so february 28th, my grandparents threw a gala like none i had ever seen...(and to think it was preceding a highly expensive wedding too.)

i hadn't felt good all weekend, in the engagement photos i look sweaty and flushed, uncomfortable, and while at disney world...coming off the "jourey into imagination" ride to be exact....with musical notes still leading the ride's lyrics through my mind "two little wings, eyes big and yellow. horns of a steer, but a lovable fellow. from head to tail, he's made of royal purple pigment, and there, WALA, you've got a figment!" i noticed purplish yellow spots in both my eyes.

these spots spread as the day wore on. i said to my mother, in my 20 year old's littlest girl voice "mummy, i think i was staring at the sun too long or something" and she said it would go away, not to worry.

we drove the rest of the way back to atlanta on the fourth of march, both of us concerned but pretending not to be, she dropped me at home and continued on to ohio. but by the sixth, i could no longer deny something was very wrong. i could not read nor drive due to this confusing visual effect i had going on in both my eyes. i made an appointment with the eye doctor for the next day

Thursday, March 02, 2006

a moment

La Vie Defined in Womens Terms- A. Jacobs

I will grow old in the shelter of others
I will eat fallen apples from the tree
I will learn to take a chance on love
I will tell you my stories and you will tell me yours
They will be enough
and I will be enough
and we will have enough.

found at this tri-c exhibit


"In association with Ursuline College's Art Therapy Counseling Program:
Women's Circles: Creativity in Community
On display Febraury 28- March 31, 2006 at
Cuyahoga Community College Gallery East

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

change for the season

it's march. spring is in 21 days.
i had to change to something alive,
and green
not abstract and spotty,
spotty like my brain.

how will you spend the equinox?
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