Thursday, March 16, 2006


talking to this older woman i know, she says to me "i think the reason more people your age arent angry about south dakota's abortion ban is because you don't remember what it was like not to have reproductive rights".

and she is right. i grew up in a world where my right to make well informed decisions about all aspects of my sexuality and sexual health were a given. now i am thinking about these rights, as if (gasp) they could actually be taken away... oh wait, they can be!!

i wonder about this new "culture of life", and how just existing again became more important then having a certain level of satisfaction.

i began looking up the individual representatives that voted yeah on the issue. i am interested in how many children they all have because we know that a lower birthrate signifies a trend of being financially better off, and often law makers will have two children or less- likely meaning some form of protection... and i bet especially the women who voted yes on this issue practice some sort of birth control. i wonder if this was racially motivated as well, seeing as it is the white birth rate that has been lowered the most (can't you hear them thinking 'damn all those people of color')

finally, the human population has nearly tripled in the past 55 years. in the 1950 census,the global population was about 2.5 billion ( in 1970 ( global population was 3 billion, 912 million and some to spare, currently the global populaiton is 6 billion 601 million people, and we are running out of space and natural resources (and no matter what anyone says, we know for sure that the oil is running low and the weather patterns are signifying global warming). i think it is important to note that the growth rate in the fifty years preceding this (1900-1950)the poulation did not quite even double, and that the growth rate before even that was even less drastic....

and the right wing still thinks that we need to stop doling out birth control and is against allowing women the right to make the decision if they can emotionally, physically and financial have a child due to this culture of life.

having a family is about more then just god and love within marriage. sex has no bounds, any @#&Y% can be a "parent", but if we are not more contemplative on how an abortion ban (and add a lack of access to information and protection, its a good thing your changing that policy of yours) will affect the women and families of our country, society will be left with children who have no one to care for them and women who are maimed or dead due to extreme measures to not bring a pregnancy to frution.

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