Friday, March 10, 2006

diagnosis part V: march tenth, nineteen-ninety seven

if you ask my mom about my spinal tap, she will tell you about our humor in the waiting room, and her attempts to keep things as upbeat as possible (surprising for someone who avoids disappointment by expecting the worst, a trait i seem to have inhereted).

me, i remember the body, laying on its left side, torso straight and knees bent, as if a straight back chair was holding it in place. i remember feeling fearful, being so bad at sitting still, knowing there was this needle protruding from my back, sucking out my spinal fluid (hoping mom didnt ask them to check for any illicit substances while they were at it), i remember a tingly numb sensation that began early in that spread through my lower half and the nurse trying to relax me, telling me that once the needle was out, i would be fine. i remember it feeling like an eternity, but i think it was only 5 to 10 minutes in real time.

i remember having to lay still for another twenty minutes once the procedure was over. mom sat with me, i think the nurse explained that if i moved before a little healing could happen my spinal fluid could leak out (or maybe that was just my fear, i dont know, maybe it was more about the dizziness i felt after)

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molly said...

just so you know, the back is actually curved during a spinal tap, and i think i remember feeling stiff which is why my memory has my body straight.

also, my mother told me the twenty minutes after the procedure wa to keep me from getting a spinal headache.

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