Monday, March 06, 2006

diagnosis part I: thursday, march sixth, nineteen ninety seven

i had gotten back to atlanta two days previous from my cousin aimee's engagement party in miami and a quick jaunt to disney world on the drive home. my uncle robert was dying of lung cancer and would not make it to the wedding the following year, so february 28th, my grandparents threw a gala like none i had ever seen...(and to think it was preceding a highly expensive wedding too.)

i hadn't felt good all weekend, in the engagement photos i look sweaty and flushed, uncomfortable, and while at disney world...coming off the "jourey into imagination" ride to be exact....with musical notes still leading the ride's lyrics through my mind "two little wings, eyes big and yellow. horns of a steer, but a lovable fellow. from head to tail, he's made of royal purple pigment, and there, WALA, you've got a figment!" i noticed purplish yellow spots in both my eyes.

these spots spread as the day wore on. i said to my mother, in my 20 year old's littlest girl voice "mummy, i think i was staring at the sun too long or something" and she said it would go away, not to worry.

we drove the rest of the way back to atlanta on the fourth of march, both of us concerned but pretending not to be, she dropped me at home and continued on to ohio. but by the sixth, i could no longer deny something was very wrong. i could not read nor drive due to this confusing visual effect i had going on in both my eyes. i made an appointment with the eye doctor for the next day

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I remember it well

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