Wednesday, March 29, 2006

visiting the kiddies

i love visiting my niece and nephews, though not related to me by blood, their mother and i have herstory that excedes many blood connections

jason is the oldest, he's twelve. he likes to skate board and play guitar, his mother's guitar, the guitar i bought her many moons ago. he also likes to say he hates his mom when ever she says no or tells him to go clean something... thank god thats a phase we only have to live through once....well, except for any therapy regressions one might experience.

Jacob is a matter of days away from eight. he loves video games and plays soccer quite well. Jacob, as an aries, has a wacky temper, and often self-sabotages, ruining his belongings or loses opportunities due to his attitude. he is also very loveing and exceptionally shy. when he was little, he would make disappearing glasses by making his hands into O shapes in front of his eyes, and he would burst into tears if he thought you could see him

Sammy, sammy is six and as big as his brother. he is rough and tumble and highly sensitive. he likes to hug and tease, but often bullies other kids. his dad makes him play soccer with Jacob even though he doesnt like it, so he purposely lost his soccer shirt on saturday. he had a cold while i was visiting

Ginny is four, and the sweetest little thing i've ever known and mad about anything princess. as a baby, she disliked almost everyone besides her parents...and me. we immediatly bonded the first time i met her infant self. she also had a cold last weekend, and fell asleep curled up in my arm friday night.

and so it is no wonder, then, that i again am sick with a cold and i actually am working both days this weekend. i thinbk i better just take it easy this week....i mean, i even have a temperature of 100.2

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