Monday, March 13, 2006

acknowledging my herstory

i don't think i realized how much healing i still needed from my diagnosis.

i started off this project to help myself stay active through these memories. it is my habit to shut down in late february, cut classes, call off work, ditch friends and dates. i like to say that i am just storing up for spring, but in reality i am overwhelmed with flashes of the story i just told. i am very aware i have ms. the logic was that if i wrote it, i might very well be able to contain my difficult feelings in the story.

by the middle i was embarrased that i was laying out my personal crap...but that is also the point in the story where my humor goes down and things start to feel real serious (as it was).

thanks for staying with me through this... i had an active productive week that i enjoyed.

Song of the day: rural faggot- amy ray
....... it just wants to stick tightly right now.

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