Thursday, March 09, 2006

diagnosis part IV: march ninth, nineteen-ninety seven

nothing happened on sunday.
i suppose this is a blessing
everyone needs a day of rest.

....things can happen when nothing is happening though, if you know what i mean. mom told me in the early afternoon i was going to have to have a spinal tap. i have no idea who told her this, or when she set up the appointment, but it sure was set for the very next day

and i started to cry, i cried and i screamed and i paced around the house, i think i even threw a thing or two. nothing could console me, i was scared out of my mind. a spinal tap!!!!!! are you kidding me!

the only place i had really ever heard of a spinal tap before was in those cheesy pre-teen cancer books you buy at the elementary school book fairs, you know, the ones where the popular sixteen year old homecoming queen gets leukemia, loses her boyfriend, loses her hair, and has a multitude of long, thick needles stuck into her bones.

my uncle david called in the middle of this freak out. he could hear me in the background and asked my mother what was wrong. she told him i was having a spinal tap and was scared of the pain. he inquired if i knew i would get novacaine.

mom asks me, did you know you'd get novacaine and my tears stopped immediatly. no i didnt know i would get novacaine, but i sure was glad to be informed of such. novacaine is just not that big of a deal.

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