Saturday, October 25, 2008

allen raymond on bill mahr

its time to stop thinking that if the truth sounds more like a movie, so much so that we try and convince ourselves that there is no way it could be true and remember that movies are nothing but a mirror of real life

protect our vote!!
1.offer a ride to the polls for someone,
2. remind ten friends for ten days of when we vote
3. wear your "i voted" sticker
4.take ten minutes to learn a little about the history of voter suppression

Song of the day

falling-alison moyet

so lets talk about projection, understanding i was never in love with you, just professionally blown away....its true, in some ways, you and me, we are one of a kind, i did find, and being around you, finding such gratification in experiencing you (to this day), i get that what i see in you is what i hide in me.....but truthfully, it's been anything but peaceful (ofcourse, who ever said i liked peace...)

Song of the day:falling- alison moyet

autumn stroll

mum sent me two pair of ugg boots for my birthday this week, so i decided to start getting her moneys worth right away and headed out to the lake

first thing i see this albino looking duck, or its truly the ugly duckling
and then heron crossed my path
the colors arent very impressive this year, but the white duck kept showing up where i was a good walk

Song of the day: woof!- snoop dog

Monday, October 20, 2008

in silence

i have done alot of moving, shifting, changing....
though i miss coming here, finding time to write
at this point in my life, i am more interested in listening than speaking
so much to learn, and only my interest in being taught to give...
this will shift, i am aware
and it exists not in all places (like with interns- there, it is my responsibility to help teach, even as i learn from the full time worker, their supervisor)

how easily done it is, to close self, be dispassionate-
find compassion for the plentitude of truths,
expereiences...from the latin root passeo, to suffer, experience, so feel passion is to suffer,

thats it for the morning

Song of the day:
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