Monday, September 24, 2007

all my relations

its about all war and all death and all oppression
from ulali's myspace page
A note about "All My Relations" The music for All My Relations" is based on an Irish drinking song from the late 1700's. Gary Owen is actually the American pronunciation of two Gaelic words that roughly translate into Owen's Garden, (and I do mean roughly) which is or was a place in Ireland where people gathered to drink and whatever. It was listed as "Auld Bessy" at a publishing in 1788 and subsequently attributed to "Jackson of Cork" around 1800. It was adopted by the American military during the 1800's as a marching song. It is often referred to as Gary Owen March or Hale in the States. It was often used by the American military as they marched into battle to kill the Native Americans, most notably by Custer at the battle of Little Big Horn as he marched against the Lakota Nation. It continues to this day to be used by the American military. Pura Fe wrote the narative that Ulali speaks over the music. We use it as the background of the narative to commemorate and honor all our relations and others who have died throughout the wars.

.....and those who have and will die due to the occupation of iraq

Song of the day: oil, arms and drugs- ulali

"oil arms and drugs
oil, arms and drugs
one a million, two a million
oil, arms and drugs"


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

Gary Owen was also the marching of the 1st regiment of the 7th cavalry commanded by Gen. George Armstrong Custer.



molly said...

yes, this blurb does mention that custer's troops sang it as they marched against little big horn....

another part of history that we glaze over in our childrens educaitons

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