Saturday, July 14, 2007

a wellbutrin story

my neurologist started me on weelbutrin while i was sick...the ms episode had re-escalated, and she felt an anti-depressant would help.

i talked with my favorite psychiatric nurse at work this week, as i dont really feel better on this medication, ive actually become more high strung, and am moving faster then normal even, and elaine, the nurse, says to me "i dont know what your neurologist was thinking, wellbutrin raises the energy level, and you are already a high-energy person molly"

elaine gave me the name of a psychiatrist, and told me to discontinue the wellbutrin and see this doc. at her first available appointment instead...

i already feel a little better, by cutting the dosing in half (though hess says im less tearful, maybe ill just keep things at half dose until i can see the psychiatrist)...

Song of the day: allergies- simon and garfunkel

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