Monday, July 16, 2007

Sesame Street - J for Jew - part 2

i have no idea what to think about this...i got it from hess, and he says that someone took old nazi propaganda and matched it up with discolored muppets....he says its not antisemetic, but im not entirely sure about that...there are two more parts that i may post as well

let me know what you think!

7/17/07 check out the next part at havecoffeewillwrite...the more jew hate i hear, the more i feel fear in my gut.l...hess's point is that things like this still happen, like rwanda and darfur, and that byu using "muppets" it shows how ridiculous genocide is and will start conversation

but hearing what my grandparents had to hear when they lived in europe, and what they had to live with day in and out- the fear, the self loathing, the sadness...

song of the day: dona dona (or "Dos Kelbl", the original yiddish title)-author unknown


Anonymous said...

My first thought was that this was a clever thing to do. As I watched more of the clip, I found the whole thing troubling. The voiceover strikes me as more powerful than the images and the voiceover was Nazi hate speech. I don't find anything funny about Nazism. -Tracey

molly said...

yeah, i dont think its funny either...somehow, it seems like by saying the video is "creative", the producer has managed to bring antisemitism back into the public in a kid friendly, how many people know enough about kosher laws and the slaughtering of animals to be able to put these ideas aside

i love it that you commented tracey!

HitThaFloor said...

Why would anyone even create that? It's not even entertaining. It's plain out disturbing.

molly said...

yes, thats why i have added a little to this post and created a link to a nother video like this...i think its important to discuss....what does wed. night look like for yall

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