Thursday, July 05, 2007


i went with hess to see sicko last night, and once again michael moore has managed to bring truth and shock to another overwhelming situation

while over the top in some places (as moore is so good at doing), one older british interviewee put it best in his description of democraacy

democracy, he said, is the most rebellious idealogoy there is- giving power to the people, giving people the vote

right now as americans, i think we may feel helpless, hearing things about rigged elections, but just as the british people decided to provide healthcare for everyone...its not socialism its humanism...

it embarrases me that hospitals are put in a position that they feel a need to dump patients on the side of the road, it embarrases me that we are the 37 best countyr in healthcare despite the amazing medical community and inordinate wealth of the u.s.

song of the day- come to my window- mellisa etheridge

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