Sunday, July 01, 2007

remembering the road: sxsw -march 20, 1995

we drove 22 hours from atlanta to austin with a few hundred dollars and a box full of mix tapes just to see the indigo girls production of jesus christ superstar, sally and i did- we were pulled over on a back road in eastern texas by cops in cowboy hats who werer sure we were off to mexico to buy drugs and spent two hours searching my brand new car, and since i was not aware of my rights, it was what it was...ofcourse, i can never go back to texas since i got a ticket and never took care of it. i definitly never want to spend the night in a texas jail!
anyhow, we could not attend anything else at the sxsw since we were underage, so there is not too much to say about the actual event of sxsw, but they made a video of the show that daemon records put out (now out of print) and while i am not on it, sally is, dancing to the last song of the show in my red and white checkered seventies polyester button down shirt (which she still wears)...

there was something really evocative about jesus being played by a woman, true, but amy and emily had no chemistry playing jesus and mary respectively, and because of that it really lost the edge having a woman play jesus could have had if that spark had been there...

...we ran out of money, did not have enough to make it to atlanta, and some guy gave us a hundred bucks to get home...not enough for a hotel so we found a denny's and intended to fall asleep in shifts in the booth...but we met a blue haired punk who took us home with him and gave us the two bean bag chairs in the living room to bed down on...we joked that in a way, it was a strange kind of early adulthood manger to happen on...

Song of the day: pilates dream-gerard mchugh(pilate/jesus christ superstar)

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