Tuesday, April 22, 2008

pre-planting with roseanna

so roseanna invited me to come plant with her and her neighbor deirdre

i thought we would be outside, and i could get dirty but it was only in the base ment.....

roseanna offered me a surar-free popsicle while she and deirdre ate egg-salad. the fudgcisles were left over from andy (hence sugar-free) and when i opened one, it was so gooey from frost burn that i left little chocolate trails all over the table. so roseanna said there were a whole bunch in the basement freezer, and there were, about 20 boxes, and they were frost bitten too...i guess thats what six months does.

(deirdre's dog, calabash)
it was wonderful and nostalgic and comforting and loving and sad
(do you think the peppers actually have a one on them?)

Song of the day: sargeant peppers lonely hearts club band- the beatles

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I don't know about peppers, but it would be cool if the squash that grows from those seeds had a 1 on them.

Okay, so I'm a smart ass.

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