Sunday, April 13, 2008

बिल्डिंग a possibility course

it was a game of prepositions, leading
a horse over the hills, through the mountains
across the river, around the stillnness,
all these prepositions that were given,
suggested by another, but Creativity
DEMANDED the heroine of our story
Be differentiated, and a song-
simple and educational,
a grammer lesson in and of itself,
this case of a missing Part of Speech-
left over from a fifth grade musical
played itself loudly in her head, until
a list of extra pepositions was remembered
until the unmentioned, the ungiven
thought bloomed into action and
-lively and silly- under,
under the limbo stick with a horse in tow
she went and she was satisfied.

Song of the day:all the tired horses- bob dylan

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