Wednesday, May 30, 2007

i quit smoking five ears ago i sit here, struggling with depression, trying to manage the anxiety i feel about this weekend being the first wolf creek weekend (i am still not fully healthy, the weather is warm, and i just feel unsure of being able to care for self in the situation)i knoiw that this is a huge accomplishment

Song of the day: i smoke alot- k's choice

I smoke a lot.
I'm not talking weed or pot,
I smoke the regular stuff.
I smoke a lot.

And if you're a smoker too,
you've got to know sometimes it's tough
to be in healthy company.
People who always say:
'You smoke a lot,

Imagine the amount of money
you could save if you'd quit.
You smoke a lot,
by now you'd have a bike-
Aren't you concerned about the kids...

Well, of course, sure I am,
concerned a bit.
But about that bike,
I could get killed with it.
And is that what you really want,
it's not.

So I smoke a lot,
I smoke a lot.
My god I smoke a lot, and I feel fine,
I smoke a lot.

I smoke a lot,
sometimes it's great,
sometimes it's not,
I smoke a lot.


Anonymous said...

And a huge accomplishment it is!

HitThaFloor said...

Mazel Tov! Dave quit a little under 5 years ago and he still wants to smoke every day, especially with all the stress I add for him. I can only imagine how difficult it was, but it's so much nicer to hang around people who don't smoke.

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