Tuesday, November 18, 2008

as is- ani difranco

i know, i know, i have been very quiet, but i just find life moving faster and faster, and i just never seem to be able to blog when i want to....

life is good, good dreams last night, and this was in it

Song of the day: as is- ani difranco
thank you, daniel, for this song
you have no idea how much it meant to me


Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping me find closure.

molly said...

hmmmm, your welcome....and i am interested

Anonymous said...

Just be happy and well, Molly.

molly said...

hmmmm, i felt a terrible urge to erase your second comment, but that is not me, so instead i share my thoughts, as that is more my style

at first, i thought you were a stranger, anonymous, who found some sort of comfort in this space, or in ani difranco....and wanted to express my curiosity in your experience, answered or not, until you told me to "just be" anything other then i am

now i feel you know me, and am appreciative of your well wishes, but i find your response defensive, as you know who i am and felt strong enough about something to reach out by commenting, but then hiding, telling me that i am the blind one here, as you are "anonymous", and while i know i may be projecting, i still need to write this

this is my sacred space, and its about
closure please respect that
i will not be silenced in my own space,
so if what you meant to say was, "thanks for your interest but i dont feel like sharing" then i say thanks for letting me know

other wise, thank your higher power for helping you find closure instead of me, as i am a real person who if you talk to me, i am likely to talk back

Anonymous said...

Molly, for years you have been writing an online journal where you share your innermost thoughts, fears, anxieties, health concerns, passions and progress. That people read your blog should be no surprise as you choose to post about yourself on the internet. I sincerely wish you well and I will not post again.

molly said...

to anonymous: even though i know i may be projecting, i may not know you at all, i will go forward with the projection and grow as much as i can from this experience. and this was not about being read, but if you really are who i am projecting you to be, then it was down right rude of you to reach out in the way you have then telling me not to be interested...(and if you are actually a stranger, please dont take this personally-like i said i am playing out the projection)

to all my readers, for their knowledge:

this blog is a function of google. it is not private site, like a bank, and google gathers a certain amount of information about my readers and shares that with me. i know what city my readers are in, what their browser is, screen resolution, internet providers, how and from where they came to this site, and if a google search was used to find me, i know what keywords were used through google search...i know which page each reader first landed on, how long they spent on the site and each subsequent page they look at...now, this doesnt mean i am always interested, but if i do want to know more about a reader, these are the things i can find out

the internet is wide open, and even posting as anonymous, you only have a certain amout of privacy...this is true for any site you go to that does not tell you that it is a "trusted site"

so remember, this could be true for any blog you go to, and there are always people watching on the internet...

Anonymous said...


Be blessed. I miss hearing from you.



molly said...

so great to hear from you....blogging has just not been my scene this season...but i do mioss stopping by your site and will try to do so more often

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