Friday, August 21, 2009

gestalt/energy playwork assignment

"stands alone"
"downward dog"
"soldiers, 1776"
"eye contact"

Song of the day: buckets of rain - bob dylan


Ally said...


Okay, let's try this one more time, heh. I'd actually tried leaving a comment earlier but no such luck =[

I've linked your blog :) and wondered if you had any ideas on how to get my NEO COUNTER working on my blog.

I pasted the code from NeoWORX but it doesn't seem to work =[

molly said...

hi ally,
i appreciate the, i might have have to stafrt posting agina if i think people are looking...but youll have to forgive mem if we know eachother, ecause i am drawing a complete blank (i tried ty brain gets a little scattered, as i imagine you may have read on here)
i tried to cheat by looking at a profile but you have none so i have to admit the truth
btw, your blog looks interesting

Ally said...

What, what, no profile! Hmm, I need to fix that ;)

But no, we don't know each other. I was surfing blogs and came across yours and thought HMM!

And voila, I linked :) And my blog is um... scattered thoughts, ranting etc etc ;)

Some posts are incomplete. I'm waiting on my slaves to clean out my padded room so I can lock myself in and ramble some more :)

Okay, back to this nifty NEO COUNTER thingamajig. Does it work on some blog themes and not others?

I pasted the code several times, but alas =[ it absolutely hates me. Help?

Oh and btw, please start posting again!


molly said...

unfortunatly ally, a friend set up my neocounter and we are no longer in relationshi, so this is not information im gonna be able to help with...keep blogging!!

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