Sunday, October 23, 2005

mental health

i should be doing homework, i really should, but 'sybil' is on oxygen and theres nothing more satisfying to an unjaded mental health worker then the possibility of saving a sybil.

now i, personally, am jaded, well, atleast aware of the current belief that doctor wilber conjured up sybil's personalities, but still cling to the feeling i got the first time i saw the film.

i was young, eight or so, and so scared of the music, but she was so happy at the end, sitting in the grass with doctor wilber. i see miracles every day at work, but i have many sound concerns reguarding future treatment of the mentally ill. most recently, there is the consistitant stream of contradictory studies done on anti-psychotic medications, as well as the unreasonable cost of drugs and declining reimbursements hospitals recieve from third party payees.

there is nothing harder then watching a client decompensate in their daily living because the one drug that truly aids her in remission is an atypical drug her insurance wont cover and the doctors wont apply for a patient assistance program.

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