Sunday, February 24, 2008


so i remembered my dream for the first time last night in what seems like months
at jackie's current home in the guest cottage, many women are there and this one woman about my age approaches me and starts talking to me about something as if i am familiar with the situaiton, which i am not, nor am i sure who this woman must be obvious, because she says to me "dont you remember" and i have to say "no, i dont"

mingling, jackie is watching me with a straight mouth. i go into the dining room (which i have never seen before) it is small and square, and is a dark wood, with an unfinished rectangular table in the center (upon waking, it occurs that it most looks like the room they have put aside to be herbs office space)

i remember what the woman was talking about and start looking around for her and i see her from behind, so i grab her shoulder excitedly, and say "i remember!! you are totally right and..." the woman turns around, only she is a woman who is much older then the woman i was speaking with before and i apologize fo my exuberance...

jackie is watching this from the corner of her eye, and i cant figure out why she always watches me, but we cant ever seem to interact well

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