Wednesday, February 20, 2008



HitThaFloor said...

We kept G up to 9:10 so he could catch a glimpmse of it. It was awesome, especially because when we walked outside my neighborhood smelled like a campfire and Adam was there to see it with us. Beautiful night. (PS - He says hi.)

Anonymous said...

Hello Molly,
My name is Ronald Boggs. I live in North Texas with my wife. I found you through a website named multiple sclerosis
I've suffered with MS for 32 years. I'm assuming that you do as well. I just wanted to touch base with you and (maybe) establish a line of communication. Would that be OK? My email is Please reply. Thanks.

molly said...

good morning ron
i appreciate your contacting me, as it is always good to hear from people, and i do have ms (dx 11 years next month) but i tend to write more about ms while in the throes of illness, and its a healthy period for me now (yeah!!)...anyhow, im interested in what interests you in creating communication with me...i know i mentioned my future educaional goals around increased productivity/employment on mssucks, and i clicked your name, and saw that you have started your own internet stuff, and look forward to hearing more about how you have managed your ms

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