Tuesday, June 03, 2008

more dreaming and a deer story

i came face to face with a deer yesterday at shaker lakes (yes, i checked myself for ticks), we just looked at eachother for a minute or two, and then she moved quietly into some trees...i know they are common now but for all their regularity, i have never encountered one...it was intense

any how, i dreampt about alex from gestalt last night...we werent friends again in the dream, but i bought her a tv, and me and some friends took it to her house, but it wasnt the tv she wanted, so my friends and i let to get her the right one, so we go to a store, i think i made my friends ignore a party to get the right tv, and i got this white tv that kind of looked like a big ibook
, and it had a cover that opened from the middle and folded out to each side...so maybe like two ibooks together...i cant explain it better right now, but i took it to alex who set it up without saying a word and my friends and i left to have fun

i know there is alot missing in this waking memory, but it seemed worth it to catch

Song of the day: my groups class mix cd- various

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