Monday, June 02, 2008

post-camping dreams

i had a restless night after this last wolf creek (which i hope to have time to write about, but for now i dont), i fell asleep around 10, woke about 2, tossed and turned til 4:30...but from that point until i got up to shoxer at 5:30 i dreamed....i dont remember them all, but i want to capture these

1. it was some sort of overnight workshop at jackie's house, only i brought my cats along, and it wasnt really jackie's house. my kitten echo wa playing while i was straightening up, and i heard this 'oomph' and i turn around to look at echo, but it wasnt echo, so i blinked my eyes, rubbed them, trying to figure this out, when i realized that there was another kitten sitting on echo, and the dream panned back to view the whole room and there were about 6 more kittens, and i felt a little anxious about this, and then i went to look for jackie to find out what this was, but couldnt so i came back to my room, ready to let any other cat owner that may be thinking my room was their room know that it was in fact my room, i got there first.

2. sitting on a couch across from another couch, jackie in a chair to my left. an older woman across from me and a younger woman next to her. the older woman asks me a question, i dont remember what it was, and then she asks me a second question, which was obviously a come-on, and the energy in the dream shifted, as it seemed very out of place for her to be me asking this, and jackie, in a disapproving tone, admonishes "marlene?!!" only it wasnt marlene, and i actually muttered that under my breath

then i woke up for my day.....what do you think?

Song of the day: how could anyone- libby rodereick


HitThaFloor said...

The real question is, what do YOU think?

Anonymous said...

Exactly Robin!

molly said...

i was kinda being rhetorical

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