Tuesday, July 01, 2008

leaving no child behind....

saw this documentary on hbo the other day....it was like walking back into the halls of margeret ireland high school (which is where i was placed while working for Beech Brook, a local child /adolescent mental health agency

oe of the hardest aspects for me, working at an inner-city alternative (meaning every child had failed at least one grade and most had disciplinary actions against them as well, if not legal issues)high school (meaning grades 7-10, but the students were all of high school age) in the city of cleveland was how hopeless it felt to be there

the administration blames teachers, parents are unable to digest their own lack of involvement and the role that their inability to participate in their kids' education plays, and the kids are allowed to stay in the classroom no matter what their behavior is

all i can think is that we have done them the biggest disservice, all in the name of "saving" them

Song of the day: gangsta's paradise- coolio

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