Monday, November 02, 2009

reconnecting with self

good morning to all, if there is anyone at all who still pops in every now and then to say good morning

i am full of energy today...i had a ceu with jackie last friday, and it was wonderful to be back in a classroom with her...she does support the best environment for me...i can spread out in the field and allow myself to fill the room without drowning others out

this belongs here, on after enlightenment, because it is she that inspired me to start this blog, and it was something i stopped enjoying after we had a break in our connection...but have realized since that break that i can find that same inspirational feeling inside of myself without just is made ten times more powerful in her presence (so interested in the energetioc aspect of things now a days)

....anyhow, i want to share the experience...and i will, but nmot right now, i have to go to target, but hopefully i will post agaion this afternoon

Song of the day: what i am- edie brickell
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