Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i, torturer

when i read that our government would not allow the UN to interview our prisoners, i felt angry and thought about blogging, but i was busy, and blah blah blah.
but then i caught Bill Mahr, and heard about the 'black sites' and found this:

from Boing Boing:
Black sites, reports of torture by US overseas Snip from the big Washington Post story today:
The CIA has been hiding and interrogating some of its most important al Qaeda captives at a Soviet-era compound in Eastern Europe, according to U.S. and foreign officials familiar with the arrangement.
The secret facility is part of a covert prison system set up by the CIA nearly four years ago that at various times has included sites in eight countries, including Thailand, Afghanistan and several democracies in Eastern Europe, as well as a small center at the Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba, according to current and former intelligence officials and diplomats from three continents.
The hidden global internment network is a central element in the CIA's unconventional war on terrorism. It depends on the cooperation of foreign intelligence services, and on keeping even basic information about the system secret from the public, foreign officials and nearly all members of Congress charged with overseeing the CIA's covert actions.

now i saw the midnight express, and i know that the rules in these counties are far from american values based. HOW DO I FIGHT THIS? i am ashamed to be american tonight.


Jeff Hess said...
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Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

You should be a regular reader of Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish. Sullivan has become the major voice in the Stop The Torture movement.



Joseph Marshall said...

It didn't used to be this way Molly, and if we all keep raising hell about it, it won't be this way again. Don't lose heart.

Thanks for stopping by Straight Shot, by the way!

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