Tuesday, December 13, 2005

double bubble

right now i am sitting in an adascc training, and chewing the first piece of bubble gum i have chewed since i started with a retainer in november of 2003. it is amazing. it is like being six years old again. i suggest that everybody get a piece of double bubble, and remember how determined you were
to chaw it into mushiness,
the exhileration of tongue pressing goo to ready position,
the push of air as you blowwwwwww,
the deflating or popping sound as bubble ends,
the glorious bumby slurp back to cheek,
licking strands of sweet off your lips.

Song of the day: scarecrow- melissa etheridge
thank you, lawanna, for your song of truth and love
you are so much more then what you believe you are

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Now I just want to go out and get my double bubble. What a wonderful description of that process. Yum.

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