Friday, December 23, 2005

heifers and chickens

this year for christmas, i bought my friend sally's kids donation gifts of bees and fowl from they are all quite young, and when i called sally and told her, i thought she might be annoyed by these gifts, as i figure the kids won't like it. but sally surprised me with her response, saying that she has no problem talking to them about how much they have and how i am showing my love for them by trying to increase the quality of life for children that have less. she also told me jake, her second oldest and a wonderful almost-8 year old, would love the gift. i wish i could be there with them to talk about it, but due to graduating, i had to work this year PRN on the inpatient psych unit.

yes, i am jewish, and christmas means nothing to me, but i am honored to have my friend's support in reaching for what i understand to be the true meaning of this holiday, which is not about getting things (though hasbro would disagree with me i am sure) but about caring about things and changing the world.

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