Thursday, December 29, 2005


i am tired of only having personal stuff to talk about.

i mean, it is not as if the world has stopped, and yet i have. i find no interest in the news currently. i am tired of hearing more and more about the subversive realities our government is involved in. it's not as if knowing these things is making any difference, causing change. but ofcourse i have my own theory on why this is that involves decaying school systems as a tactic to keep the people down and the use of psychotropic medications, starting with ridalin in elementary school, to keep our children complacent and create adults that are dependant on drug companies for happiness.

but my personal stuff, now that is about growth and change, the growth and change of my own individualized self. i wish the story could be more interesting then it is, maybe full of blatant drug use and uncensored sexuality- but it is not. it is about me and my shadow, and our introduction to jackie, a cataclysmic woman (almost sounds racy, huh?) who is better known around here as my "majickal professor".

we have purpose for each other, and the only thing i am interested in anymore is the long, slow journey towards understanding this purpose. and yes, she is willing to go there with me, but time and convenience slow things down, and i am hesitant to face my future, so add my size ten clodhoppers dragging across the pavement and snow covered grass to the list of challenges facing us. and no, i don't know where we are going, but i sure am excited to find out.

...oh yeah, and in the middle of all this, i need to find a job, with benefits and everything, so if anyone knows of a good social work position that would allow me to receive supervision by an LISW, feel free to let me know.

song of the day: "closer to fine"- indigo girls
thank you, mandy, for this song of the future
said in my language, congradulations to us both on graduating

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