Monday, January 28, 2008

another enlightenment

one thing i like to do is edit poetry with other people.....its something hess does with me sometimes, though slightly hesitantly, as i pretty much put down every idea i am given...i done mean to be a curmudgeon, its more like im trying to expand my thinking and am looking for a conversation around why he would make the changes he would, and for myself, i actually enjoy the process because i know that it will definitly change how i look at my own poem....

i keep trying to figure a way to take what i am being given without defending my original work or putting down ideas, but since neither of these things are my intentions, im struggling with how to get the discussions without being offensive, because i cant take what You say it should be, instead i need You to rip apart and rewrite so i can rewrite myself....having other people critique your work is actually an important part of the process, and i am not totally sure how we forget that

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