Tuesday, January 15, 2008


so one way i show my love is by making tape mixes...well, CD mixes in this modern world, and for gestalt, i have gathered one song from every member, and im creating our story in music...now i know that the cd definitly will have a molly bend, and i will throw in a couple extra songs to make sense of what seems like random music

but as i learned long ago, many aspects will be hit upon in the selection ive been handed and indeed, so far ive received songs that address the natural phases of all groups (beginning, middle, endings), and others hit certain gestalt concepts (taking it back to the breathe, the resistances, developmental stages... )

this is the song that represents field theory....and the world really is just energy

Song of the day: energy- the apples in stereo

thanks tony, for this song of connection among everything

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