Friday, January 11, 2008

coming to crystals

you will have to forgive my absence, i havent felt much like talking, taking a swing inward to figure out how to create change for self....but i am finding myself interested in something new, crystalss

the intangebility of many things is difficult for me to acccept, concepts such as wisdom, my friend jim always says that if you name something, you have changes the entire meaning, and you are back at square one (a very sufi-ish way to think, i think) but its true

i dont know how electromagnetic energy works, or if i take it as truth yet, but playing with rocks definitly changes how i feel
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Anonymous said...

I don’t know much about the majikal properties of crystals (that’s more my son’s thing), but I’ve always been fascinated by them, too.

I think it might be a natural craving for clarity and focus.

Clarity + Focus = Concentrated Energy (Though, sometimes I think it’s the other way around which explains why I drink too much coffee.)

When we were visiting that guy in his chicken coop last month, he showed us a quartz crystal ball that was between the size of a baseball and a softball. It was perfectly round and highly polished and seemed too be more clear than air. He said you had to be careful… if you left it in the window and the sunshine hit it, your house might burn down. And that if someone handled it outside in the sun, they might burn their hand and drop and break it.

Anonymous said...

Greetings! I found your blog on Google's Blog Search and have really enjoyed reading your posts.

Crystals can definitely be an addiction, but a good one! I cannot wait to hear more about your thoughts on these little wonders :)

PS--its true about the quartz zphere in the window. They work very similar to magnifying lens. Good advice!

molly said...

good morning mooncave

thanks for stopping by and reading, and even more, thanks for putting your voice out...

i look forward to seeing where my new found crystal love will go

molly said...

oh, and mooncave, let me ask....

id like to link to you on a grrrl moon rising ( if thats all right with you

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