Tuesday, January 31, 2006

blog stealing

some guy copied my hillman post and reposted it twice on his own website without citing me. Jeff Hess says i shouldnt respond to the person because he is just trying to create traffic on his site. i am sooooooooo mad about it...but atleast someone was interested in the lecture i guess.

i had no idea that even in blogger world ethics have gone out the window....

i would add that just like in most professions, the majority of bloggers are good honest people though. i am just really mad that someone took my words, as i am sure many of you can appreciate.


meinexile said...

Sorry I haven't read the blogging bible about ethics but I thought the point of this was it was/is egalitarian(anyone could do it. So if I'm doing this wrong tell me I'm wrong.
On a lighter note... (there was fog over my city today) Molly I meant to put you in my sidebar. Could you tell me Hillman's basic tenets or if not that then how he departs from Jung?

Anonymous said...

How on earth did you catch this person?! How strange!

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