Wednesday, January 18, 2006


and the day just continues on. i had a patient jump out the window and get some pizza (not good, not good) and if i had the constitution, i would go into a tirade about hospital measures, security and staffing ratios but i am too tired and sad.

i then found out my grandmother has breast cancer again. i am a positive person, and willl keep my hopes up, but i am not sure how much more anxiety and disappointment i can take at this point. my life is just starting, and i am not liking what i get to reap from the seeds i sowed right now.

if only i could have faith in the nature of the world, you know, let go, and things will come out as they should, hold on to qualities like patience, and trust, but i dont know that i know how to do that.

Song of the day: none

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