Wednesday, January 18, 2006

numb hand

my left hand was numb when i woke up this morning. usually, an ms episode can vary, it can stay where it is from the first moment i notice a problem to up to three days of continuously increasing intensity and/or it can spread throughout my body. i hope it stays where it is

so far this year, i have gone from a cold to laryngitis to bronchitis and just as that cleared up on sunday i got my period and now i am numb and its only january eaghteenth...and my horoscope said i was going to have a good year

my boss at work likes to throw nasty comments my way, in the name of "keeping it real" she critisizes everything i do and then calls me manic. the same energy jackie called amazing, energy that with nourishment could be so productive, make a huge difference in the world, she calls manic.

unfortunatly jackie has not been communicating with me (but i sure see my boss everyday), and i am beginning to think i imagined the whole thing, while also telling myself i am just impatient.

Song of the day: there is no music, only silence, which i have heard can be better then an answer, but it feels too ambivilant for me.

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