Monday, April 24, 2006

the boy from the coffee house

when i first posted this, i did what i could remember, but this is the actual final version. spaghetti is a follow up to thjis one....

I kiss you
because I can
because of your permanent
a strange quality
for a happy hippy child glancing

my way, you say:
'I want to make love to you'.
I blush and look away,
unsure I love you enough.
I run my hand over your face,
stubbly and harsh against
my fingers
exploring a man's skin for the first

time, my head is stuck in Joni
Mitchell, it's the same
as the last woman you cared for.

You hand me a cigarette, laughing
when i reach for it,
when i reach for the lighter strung
through your belt loop you call me
a little gentleman
which is what i am, a lady
killer with my sweetness
and you say: 'I am glad we are intimate
friends on this ride.' I smile,

knowing safety
joins at the lips and you smile back.
You do a little dance with your arm
wrapped around my waist and take a sip of coffee
while I walk alone to my car.

Song of the day: you turn me on, i'm a radio- joni mitchell

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