Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ms walk

the ms walk is this saturday. i have been a team captain now for two years. many people in my life, when they find out i have a walking team every year, ask me to keep them informed because they would like to walk with me.

ofcourse, none of them do, always too busy...and people also never have money to sponser me.... but my friend tonya is walking with me again this year. my friend robin, who is about 31 weeks pregnant, is also walking with me this year, and her friend emily, whom i have never met, but whom i appreciate for her commitment to this walk is also joining us.

the walk starts at nine am behind tower city amphetheater. my team's name is after enlightenment (tonya said 'thank god were not the basket cases again- last year, all team members were mental health students at case- )and anyone who would like to participate is welcome to come....hope for good weather for me please, last year it was snowing and i was a crabby bitch....

Song of the day: I'm gonna be (500 miles)- crash test dummies

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