Saturday, April 08, 2006

toward the within

so i keep wanting to post but i feel a little stuck.

my intention in starting a blog was never to journal in public, but somewhere along the line, i seem to have taken a swing inward that is taking me deeper then i have gone in a few years. i feel like this is a certain step in my transition from student to professional, and i am not sure that i can see around my own fog enough to talk about anything besides myself.

having to focus on how i can best use my energy, struggling to change the nature of some relationships i have, trying to think what i want to do different with my free time, understanding what is me and what i have used to hide do you share this stuff? i am not even sure i would want to. anyone else been here before?

Song of the day: remedy-jason something of other

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John Ettorre said...

Molly, we've all been there, everyone who's human. But only writers think about these things out loud, nakedly, where others can see and react to them, and internalize our take for incorporation into their own lives.

You write beautifully, by the way, and when I read this, I hear a smart person trying to figure herself and life out. And I would argue--but then I've got a bias, let me be clear--that in the very act of writing, in the selection of the right words to describe various feelings, we put ourselves on the path of self-understanding quicker and more purely than we otherwise would.

I look forward to continuing to watch your progress toward the person you're becoming.

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